How To Make A Music Video Part 2

How To Make A Music Video Part 2Welcome to How To Make A Music Video Part 2. This is the second part of our series outlining the steps needed to successfully create a music video. In How To Make A Music Video Part 1, we looked at why it’s important to pick the right song for your video, what to look at when thinking about a concept, and how to create a storyboard. In this part we’ll be touching on how you should go about finding a video recording company, things you need to prepare for the day, and more.

If you haven’t already read part one, I suggest you do that first. If you have, then let’s move on.
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How To Make A Music Video Part 1

How To Make A Music Video Part 1Welcome to part one of the how to make a music video series. This is a two part series that will guide you through the process of getting a music video made. In this series we won’t cover how to use your own camera and record your own music video, that will be covered in a later post. We will however assume that you’ll be working with a camera man and a video editor, and that they are professionals who have their own equipment.

This guide focuses on everything that you personally need to think about and sort out to make your video come out how you want it. Many people fail to realise how much work needs to be put in to make a music video, so we’ve put this guide together to let you know step by step what you’ll need to do. In part 1 we’ll show you the importance of picking the right song to match your video’s aims, what factors you need to think about with regards to the look, feel and speed of the video, and how to create a storyboard that will get everyone on the same page when it comes to making it.
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How To Create A Storyboard For Music Videos (With Template)

How To Create A Storyboard For Music Videos (With Template)In this article we will show you how to create a storyboard for music videos. Whether you’re recording your own music video or you’re paying someone to make one for you, at some point you will need to create a storyboard. Today we will look at what a storyboard is, why you need one when making a music video, what you should include in a music video storyboard, and finally how to put all those pieces together and create one. We also provide your with a free music video storyboard template so you can get started on creating your own one right away.
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How Selling Music Online Can Fuel Physical Demand

This is a guest post by Nick Lewis. If you have music advice to share with Independent Music Advice readers, please check the Guest Bloggers Wanted page for info on how to write for us.
How Selling Music Online Can Fuel Physical DemandDigital distribution has opened up countless new opportunities for musicians of all types. It has allowed artists to be (metaphorically) shelved alongside major label releases and those of their heroes on an equal footing. That’s not to say that physical releases should be ignored though, and actually, a well thought out approach to selling music online can actually aid in getting you physical sales. In this article I look at why you should sell your music online before releasing a physical single or album.
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Music Courses And Learning The Music Business

This guest post is by Alvina Lopez. Guest bloggers are needed, so if you have some music business advice to share with our readers then get in touch.
Music business courses, dvds, books and more can all help with learning.As you may know, there are tons of options when it comes to educating yourself in the art of music. Methods of learning include music business books, DVDs, online lessons, private lessons, and formal higher education. Any of these resources can help, but some will suit your needs better than others. The way you choose to educate yourself on the music business will depend on how you learn best. For example, some people can get all the information they need by reading a book, while others may need a mentor near to answer any questions they may have.

Below are some of the options available for increasing your music business knowledge.
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The Benefits Of An Electronic Press Kit In Music

This is a guest post by Danielle of Artroom Melody. Guest bloggers are wanted for Independent Music Advice, so if you think you’ve got what it take then click the above link.
Electronic Press Kit aka EPKToday we’re going to look at what an electronic press kit is (Also known as a EPK) and what you as a musician would include in one. We also look at how having an EPK would benefit you. If you haven’t made an electronic press kit yet, now is the time to do so.

What Is An Electronic Press Kit?

First of all, what is an EPK? Well, a EPK is a press kit in digital format. If any journalists want any information about you or your band, they would search your website to see if you have a pack for the media. This will be your pack.

Some of the contents of musician’s electronic press kits can typically be found on their social networking pages, such as their Facebook, Reverb Nation, and MySpace pages. The difference between these sites and an electronic press kit however, is that the press kit takes the fragmented bits of information scattered across various profiles, and merges them into one concise entity. The end result is a single destination for every bit of information a professional in the music industry could ever need to know about you or your band.
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How To Produce Music For Beginners Part Two

How To Produce Music At Home For Beginners Part TwoWelcome to How To Produce Music For Beginners Part Two. This is the second of a two part series helping beginners get to grips with how to produce their own music. In part one we looked at why you would want to become a music producer, whether you should use a professional recording studio or produce at home with beat maker software such as DubTurbo (And why), how hard music production really is, and what you need to get started. In this part, we’ll look at what software you should use to learn the ropes, where to get your own samples to makes your songs more exciting, how to arrange your songs, and what you need to do if you want to create beats like a professional.

If you haven’t checked out part one yet, I suggest you read that first to get some background knowledge that will help you come a better producer:
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How To Produce Music For Beginners Part One

How To Produce Music At Home For Beginners Part OneIf you’ve ever wondered how to produce music, you’ve come to the right place. In this two part guide, we look out how to produce music for beginners, and how to do so with minimum funds available to you. Despite popular belief, you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on software to become a good music producer. What you do need however, is practice and a good ear for sounds.

I’ve seen people spend hundreds on music production software and struggle to use it properly. I’ve also seen people spend $30 on simple beat maker software such as DubTurbo, and make good quality beats in a matter of hours. Being a producer is more then just what software you use; it’s how you use it, and how much time and effort you’re willing to put into mastering your craft.

If you want to learn how to produce music, I suggest you read this article from start to finish. As long as you apply what you learn and work on becoming a music producer, there’s no reason you won’t have your first songs complete sooner rather then later.
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DUBturbo Review – Beat Maker Software

DUBturbo Review - Make Your Own Beats With Cheap Beat Maker SoftwareThis is a DUBturbo review.

Today we’re going to look at DUBturbo, and why it’s considered one of the best music beat makers on the market for intermediate and beginner producers. Dub Turbo is a relatively new piece of music production software, but in a very short amount of time it has gained a large amount of market share. It has been able to do this for one simple reason: It is a lot more powerful, and a lot cheaper, then any of it’s nearest competitors.

In this review we give an honest look at Dubturbo, and help you decide if it’s the beat making software for you. If you decide it is, make sure you get DubTurbo through our link to be able to claim our exclusive DubTurbo Bonus.
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What It Really Takes To Succeed In The Music Business

How To Succeed In The Music BusinessThis article aims to inform musicians how to succeed in the music business. A lot of bad and outdated advice is shared on the web, much of which leads to musicians wasting valuable time, money and effort. Many people have fallen into the trap of following bad advice, only to reflect a number of months down the line and realise their music career hasn’t progressed very much at all. Due of this, it’s become a widely accepted theory that you can’t make money from your music. This however couldn’t be further from the truth, as we hope to show you today.

Today we aim to debunk this myth, and show you what is really needed to get where you want in the music industry. If you aren’t willing to adjust your thinking and invest both time and money in your independent music career, I suggest you stop reading now. If you’re ready to turn your music into a business however, read on, and make sure you don’t miss a single word.
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