What It Really Takes To Succeed In The Music Business

How To Succeed In The Music BusinessThis article aims to inform musicians how to succeed in the music business. A lot of bad and outdated advice is shared on the web, much of which leads to musicians wasting valuable time, money and effort. Many people have fallen into the trap of following bad advice, only to reflect a number of months down the line and realise their music career hasn’t progressed very much at all. Due of this, it’s become a widely accepted theory that you can’t make money from your music. This however couldn’t be further from the truth, as we hope to show you today.

Today we aim to debunk this myth, and show you what is really needed to get where you want in the music industry. If you aren’t willing to adjust your thinking and invest both time and money in your independent music career, I suggest you stop reading now. If you’re ready to turn your music into a business however, read on, and make sure you don’t miss a single word.
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How To Become Famous

How To Become Famous And SuccessfulI recently finished reading Total Fame by Max Milias, a book teaching people how to become famous. Inspired by what it had to teach, I thought I’d look at a few of the things he talks about, and get you thinking about what it takes to get famous. Is becoming famous for you? How easy is it to get fame? And how do you achieve fame? All these questions should be answered by the time you finish reading this article, so make sure you read it to the end.
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How To Promote Your Music With Twitter, The Ultimate Guide Part 2

How to promote your music with Twitter, a guide to promoting your music using Twitter
Welcome to part two of our two part series on how to promote your music with Twitter. If you haven’t already, we recommend you read the first part so you’re all clued up on the early stages of the process (How to set up an attractive Twitter page, how to find and get targeted music fans to follow you, and how to automate your Twitter promotion using Tweet Adder):

How To Promote Your Music With Twitter, The Ultimate Guide Part 1 (Opens in a new window)

In part two we look at the process of unfollowing non responsive people and why this is important, the art of messaging your Twitter followers without having you messages overlooked (Most Twitter messages are spam, don’t make yours appear as the same), and finally we look at a proven strategy to making money from Twitter and your music. So grab a coffee and get ready to learn, as you’re about to discover the secret to dominating Twitter!
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How To Promote Your Music With Twitter, The Ultimate Guide Part 1

How To Promote Your Music With Twitter Part 1Today I’m going to show you how to promote your music with Twitter. From my tests, Twitter seems to be the quickest and easiest social media platform to get fans to your music. While many independent musicians have struggled to use Facebook effectively, Twitter can be the easy but just as effective alternative that you’ve been waiting for.

Over this two part series on promoting your music with Twitter, we will be looking at where to find targeted Twitter followers, how to get these followers to do what you want (E.g. Check out your music / join your mailing list etc) and most importantly how to automate this whole process using Tweet Adder. We will also be looking at a whole load of other details in between, so make sure you read this article in full to become a Twitter expert!
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How To Get Your Music On Itunes, Amazon MP3, Napster, Spotify, and More

How to get your music on Itunes, Spotify, Amazon MP3, Napster, and more digital download shopsToday we’re going to look at how to get your music on Itunes, the Amazon MP3 store, Spotify, Napster, and many other big online music shops using Songcast (Free to sign up to). This guide is a long-time over due, as getting your music out there to the masses should be an essential part of your music strategy. If you make it hard for people to find and buy your music, you will lose out on sales.

In this article we will look at why you should get your music in the biggest online music stores, and how you can easily go about doing this (We provide you with the best way to distribute music). We also touch on a few other related topics, so if you want to get on Itunes have a read to find out all the info.
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How To REALLY Make Money From Your Music, Short Medium And Long Term Strategies

make money from musicPre note: In this article we look at three main strategies to make money from your music career: How to make money from giving out free downloads (Short term), how to make money from gigging (Medium term) and how to make money from royalty collections (Long term). This is a potentially life changing post. It should change the way you think about your music career, and give you the steps to turn it from a hobby into something that actually makes you money. Please make sure you read it from start to finish then put into action what you’ve learned. You may want to bookmark it for easy reference in the future, and share it with fellow independent musicians. But anyhow, let’s get started…
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Tweet Adder Review

A Tweet Adder review.
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How to Create CDs to Sell to Your Fans, A Quick Overview

This is a guest post by Larry Mitchell. If you want to write for Independent Music Advice, you can find out how here (Link opens in new window).

How to create CDs to sell to fansYou’re an up-and-coming band playing in your local area. You’ve been working hard, and you now have a growing base of fans coming out to your shows. Then the inevitable question comes: “When are you going to make a CD?”

It’s a very good sign when fans start wanting to take your music home with them, but it can also be scary to take the next step and actually produce a CD. It will take some work, but it doesn’t have to be intimidating, or excessively expensive. If you have a good repertoire of songs from which to choose already, part of the job is already done for you. To help you through the process, here are the basic steps you’ll need to take…
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Win “How To Make Money From Free Music”, Three Copies To Give Away…

how to make money from free music free copy winOk, so as you probably know by now, we recently launched our first ebook “How To Make Money From Free Music”. I genuinely feel this is some of the most valuable information we’ve ever produced, and could change the way people approach the distribution and monetization of their music forever (But that’s not for me to decide, let me know your thoughts when you get the book. 😉 ).

While there’s no prizes for guessing what the book is about (The clue is in the title), there is a prize for three lucky readers of Independent Music Advice! Three of you will get a copy of “How To Make Money From Free Music” sent directly to their inbox. The retail price for this book is currently $29.99 (Price guaranteed for the first week only, after that it may go up) but you can get your hands on it by taking a few simple steps:
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How To Prevent MP3 Downloads – Or Better Yet Make Money From Them

Prevent MP3 DownloadIf you’ve been in the music industry for any amount of time, you’ll know that music downloading is a big issue. For years people have tried to prevent MP3 downloads from happening, mostly without success. Is there no answer to this issue? Well actually, now there is! In this article we’ll show you a way to use people’s downloading habits to actually benefit and make you money, and I don’t mean by giving out free music and hoping some kind soul will buy your paid version. No, I’m talking about how you can get money going straight into your account each time someone downloads one of your songs for free!! Sound good? Then read on…
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