How The Independent Music Advice Blog Can Help You

Independent Music Advice Blog For MusiciansWelcome to the new Independent Music Advice blog, a place where we’ll be discussing music related issues we feel could in turn have a positive effect on your music career. We decided to add this feature to our website to get people talking and sharing possibly useful information with each other. I’ve noticed it’s always good to have someone to ‘bounce’ off, no matter what your passion. Having people to talk to about any important issues can help clear things up, open you up to new ideas, and help you stay motivated during your journey. And the music industry being as it is, no one can make it alone. Even if you’re a solo musician, you still need a promotional team, possibly people to do collaborations with, and links that can get you bigger shows and better opportunities. Of course you can start out doing all these things by yourself, but after a while the work load becomes too much for one person. This is when you’ll need to rely on people other then yourself.

Having said that, finding people to collaborate with (Not just musically, but also in the business sense) can be difficult. Sometimes you meet people that initially seem like someone you could work with, but turn out to be not as dedicated as you or they end up taking a different path. This can be frustrating, and many musicians don’t end up making the links they need to take them to another level.

We here at Independent Music Advice count ourselves as one of your links. If you’ve had a look around this website you’ll notice we have much useful advice and music business resources, all of which could benefit your music career in some way. Gaining all of this information would take the average musician years to find by themselves, yet we’ve included it all here for anyone willing to dig a bit and learn. You’re welcome. 🙂

But so far this relationship has been one way. True we’ve provided you with tons of the kind of information you’ll get from speaking to an established musician within your field, but we haven’t had the chance to hear back from you. Well now your voice can be heard! By following our blog you can comment on anything we have to say and let your opinion be known. See a fellow musician struggling with an issue or not sure about something yourself? Drop a comment and interact with other musicians around the world! And this is just the start…

In addition to this we have more lined up. While I can’t go into details of everything we’ve got coming for you in the coming months, I’d advise you bookmark this site and sign up to our mailing list via the right hand side of this page. What we’ve got for you isn’t something you’ll want to miss!

But that’s enough for now. Make sure you stay tuned to this blog for more intelligent music discussion. Don’t forget to read the advice section of this website for help in your music career, and sign up to the mailing list via the short form on the right hand side of all the pages. We’ll send you exclusive information to help further your music career as well as the ‘Independent Musician Success’ ebook, so have a look. Also leave us a comment below to let us know what you want to see discussed here in future. Until next time, keep it musical.