Why All Musicians Need To Have The Business Know How

Why all musicians need to have the business know how on music think tankIndependent Music Advice has today teamed up with fellow music website Music Think Tank to write a post on Why All Musicians Need To Have The Business Know How (Please check out the post and leave your views in the comments section of the site). As you may know, we here at Independent Music AdviceĀ  feel strongly that all musicians should learn the business aspect of the music industry. Having talent and waiting for a record label to come and sign you up is a dying strategy at best, and one I’d never suggest for anyone to use! Due to the changing structure of the music industry, a more pro-active approach is required to break through all the noise and make your music career a successful one. Record labels are more likely to sign someone who has already proven themselves in their chosen genre, rather then someone who has talent but hasn’t build up their fan base yet. This means you need to have a ton of fans before a record label would even consider signing you, and without the ‘music business know how’ there’s very little chance you’ll get those fans.

For a further insight into this topic, please take a look at our post “Why All Musicians Need To Have The Business Know How” and leave a comment below that article with your views. If it gets enough comments and views it’ll be moved to the front page of the Music Think Tank website and reach a much wider audience. Thanks for your help.