NME Breakthrough, Another Potential MySpace Successor?

nme breakthroughSince the death of MySpace (It is official, right?) everyone’s been looking for a MySpace replacement. Not only that, but everyone who knows a bit about web design and is into music is trying to create the next big thing. I regularly get emails from people trying to get us to cover their new music website, but most don’t offer enough to make it worth mentioning. A couple of days ago however, I was contacted by a representative from NME, a popular music magazine in the UK. They told me NME had started up a new “online space for budding musicians to showcase their talent” and that I should check it out. While it sounded like any other email I’d get sent about these sites, I decided to check it out due to it having such a large name behind it. Check out the short video below to see what it’s all about and I’ll see you on the other side:

This new site from NME (Well, it’s incorporated into their original site) is called NME Breakthrough. The whole point behind it is for up and coming musicians to showcase their material and get new fans. Although I only signed up yesterday and have been using it for a day and a bit, I’ve already seen enough to know what this site’s all about. Is NME Breakthrough the MySpace replacement everyone’s been waiting for? Unless they give the site a overhaul, make it more user friendly and add more unique features, I doubt it. Is NME Breakthrough worth using? Most defiantly! Let me explain…

Although the site is awkward to navigate (While I thought I was signing up for an artist page I was actually signing up to the NME site. I then had to sign up for an artist page separately afterwards, and when I signed in again later I found it hard to find my artist page to edit it) having a page on the site really does allow for mass exposure. How? Well, every now and then NME features artists on their high traffic home page. And I don’t just mean the NME Breakthrough home page, I mean the NME home page! If you’re one of their featured artists on any given week, expect a flood of profile views and (If you’re good enough) potential fans.

While NME Breakthough is pretty much a standard “showcase your music and get thousands of fans” site, the fact it has the NME name behind it allows room for growth. The main reason I’d recommend signing up to this site is due to the possibility of getting featured on their main site. If it wasn’t for that feature I’d find it hard to recommend this site as it doesn’t offer anything new. The site layouts they give to signed up musicians are quite boring, and it’s all the same stuff you’ll find on other such sites (Stream your music, upload your pictures, show your tour dates etc). While you should still sign up and hope to be a featured artist, I wouldn’t pour buckets of time into this site. Instead, I’d recommend Band Page for Facebook for people looking for a MySpace replacement. You can check our Bandpage Guide and sell your music on Facebook by clicking that link.

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2 thoughts on “NME Breakthrough, Another Potential MySpace Successor?”

  1. Seems like the only benefit is that the nme are involved, which im not sure is enough of a benefit if the site isnt actually of high quality.
    Seems like soundcloud are the most likely to be replacing the void left by myspace.

  2. Agreed John, they won’t be replacing MySpace unless they seriously re-think the design and features of their site.
    SoundCloud is a good website. BandPage for Facebook allows you to integrate SoundCloud with your Facebook fan page however, which in a sense gives you the best of both worlds. Anyone wanting to know how to do that check our post on selling your music on Facebook.

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