How To Earn More From You Music Career Using Mailing Lists

How To Earn More From You Music Career Using Mailing ListsMany of the world’s biggest musicians such as Britney Spears and Jay Z have mailing lists (Check the top right hand of their site to see their sign up forms). Why is this? Simple, because having a mailing list can make a lot of money!

A couple of months ago in the post How To Get Your First Profitable Mailing List Up And Running, we showed you why it is so important to have a mailing list. What we didn’t give you however, were advanced strategies to make sure you could maximise the revenue you make from your mailing list. For those that don’t want to read the above mentioned post in its full detail, below I’ll break down some of the key points as to why owning a mailing list is so important. If you have a mailing list already and want to learn how to squeeze as much money and subscribers out of it as possible however, check out Advanced Strategies To Monetize Your Mailing List now! But for those of you that are new to mailing lists, here’s why you need to start yours up asap:

  • Mailing Lists Drive Sales
    You can use your mailing list to create instant sales. People on your mailing list are proven fans, as they’ve signed up to keep updated about you specifically. So if you let them know you’ve a new release out, there’s a good chance you’ll make sales by mass emailing your mailing list. As well as selling your music via mailing lists, you can also sell tickets and merchandise Check out the post Advanced Strategies To Monetize Your Mailing List for the best way of doing this.
  • Mailing Lists Act As A Reminder
    Your mailing list can act as a reminder to fans that you exist. A fan may not visit your website in a while, not because they don’t like you any more, but just because other acts and the internet act as a huge distraction. If they were to get a email from you however, this could jog their memory and spark their interest in you again. This is a huge advantage, and one that will mean mailing lists become more and more important as people’s attention span on the internet shortens.
  • Mailing Lists Build Relationships With Fans On Autopilot
    If you use the right software (E.G Aweber) you can build up a relationship with your customers when you’re not even around. This will save you a lot of time, and allow your customers to feel more connected with you. And if your customers feel connected to you, there’s more chance they’ll spread the word about you and buy your music.

There are many more reasons mailing lists can be beneficial to your music career, but those are a few of the main ones. If you haven’t already set up your mailing list, you can sign up to Aweber here. Aweber is the industry standard mailing list service, so should suit all your email marketing needs perfectly. If you have got a mailing list up and running and want to know how to maximise the amount of money it makes you however, check out our new post Advanced Strategies To Monetize Your Mailing List. This is a premium post, so although it’s free, you will have to fill in a quick questionnaire to gain access to it (This will only take a minuet or two). Good luck with building your mailing list campaign, let us know how you get on.