How To Prevent MP3 Downloads – Or Better Yet Make Money From Them

Prevent MP3 DownloadIf you’ve been in the music industry for any amount of time, you’ll know that music downloading is a big issue. For years people have tried to prevent MP3 downloads from happening, mostly without success. Is there no answer to this issue? Well actually, now there is! In this article we’ll show you a way to use people’s downloading habits to actually benefit and make you money, and I don’t mean by giving out free music and hoping some kind soul will buy your paid version. No, I’m talking about how you can get money going straight into your account each time someone downloads one of your songs for free!! Sound good? Then read on…

How To Prevent MP3 Downloads

OK, so I know some of you will have found this article by looking for a way to prevent MP3 downloads from happening. But what if I told you there was a better way to go about it, a way for you to actually make money from people downloading your music for free? Well there is, and I’ll be telling you how I and an increasing amount of independent musicians now go about doing that.

In all honesty, it seems that music downloads are here to stay. You can try and avoid the download of your music as much as you want, but if some one really wants to download it without paying for it they can. The end result is you lose out on money, as well as a lot of time trying to prevent that MP3 download. A better way would be to feed people’s downloading habits, and make money each time someone downloads your music for free. So instead of asking how to prevent mp3 downloading, you should instead be asking:

How To Make Money From Free Music

So, how do you make money from people’s need for free downloads? Well, I’ve written a full book detailing step by step exactly how to do this (This book is called ‘How To Make Money From Free Music‘ if you’re interested in seeing that), but I’ll give you a quick over run of the system here and now 😉

First of all, you need to have a place where you can put your download links. These download links are the ones you’ll be giving out to your fans, so making sure people can get them all from one site is very important. Ideally you want your own self hosted website so people have a easy to remember place to get your new music from, but free websites work too. If you haven’t already got a website, you can make a top quality one by following our free guide How To Build Your Own Website (Link opens in a new window). While it’ll cost a little bit of money to make a website using this method (Around $50-$100 depending on the options you choose) if you was to get someone else to make the same type of site for you it could easily cost you over $600. If you haven’t got the budget to spend on a website though, you can always make a free website using

Next, you have to make special links that allow you to track and be paid every time your music is downloaded from them. It is very important that you direct people to these links, as if they download your music with any other links, you won’t get paid for their download. Once you’ve created these links, you then put them on your website. Whenever some one downloads your music from one of your links (Which is free for them to do) you get paid directly into your account. You can find out more about how to create these links and this process in the book How To Make Money From Free Music.

Next, you have to get visitors back to your website. There’s no point having links with your music on if no one ever sees them. Use a combination of search engines and social marketing to get short and long-term traffic back to your website, and get more people seeing your links. The more traffic you get, the more people will see your links and the more people will download. And of course, the more people that download via your links, the more money you make!

The full process of how to do this is in the book “How To Make Money From Free Music”. We also show you advanced strategies on how to squeeze the most money from each fan (It’s actually by being honest with them and providing them a better service [Which still doesn’t cost them anything], so it’s win win for both of you).

Does This Prevent MP3 Downloads?

While there’s nothing coming any time soon that will completely stop MP3 downloads, the methods used in the ebook How To Make Money From Free Music are a great new way for musicians to make money by giving out free downloads. The more people download your music, the more money you can make. And come on, how hard is it to get people to download your music for free? Making money from people downloading your music is better then trying to prevent MP3 download, so give it a try.