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DUBturbo Review - Make Your Own Beats With Cheap Beat Maker SoftwareThis is a DUBturbo review.

Today we’re going to look at DUBturbo, and why it’s considered one of the best music beat makers on the market for intermediate and beginner producers. Dub Turbo is a relatively new piece of music production software, but in a very short amount of time it has gained a large amount of market share. It has been able to do this for one simple reason: It is a lot more powerful, and a lot cheaper, then any of it’s nearest competitors.

In this review we give an honest look at Dubturbo, and help you decide if it’s the beat making software for you. If you decide it is, make sure you get DubTurbo through our link to be able to claim our exclusive DubTurbo Bonus.

Who Is This Beat Maker Software For?

I’ll tell you now, this music beat maker software isn’t for everyone. You should use Dub Turbo if:

  • You’re a beginner or intermediate music producer that wants to create your own beats with minimum fuss and effort.
  • You’re learning the ropes of music production, and want to learn how to produce music (They provide you with free training videos).
  • You haven’t got a big budget, but you still want to buy beat maker software that’ll give you a good quality beat at the end.

You shouldn’t buy DubTurbo if:

  • You already own and have mastered Cuebase, but are looking for an alternative.
  • You’re a professional producer who already has a lot of experience with music production.
  • You have a big budget and are able to buy the best beat maker software no matter what the cost (We’re talking around $500 at least).

If you are new to producing or aren’t a big fan of technology, then DUBturbo could be exactly what you’re looking for. It is easy to use, inexpensive, and gives you quality results without a big learning curve. If you’re in the process of learning how to produce music then give it a try.

Features Of The Music Beat Maker DUB turbo

Click the DUBturbo link at the top of this page for a full list of DubTurbo features.

Pros And Cons Of This Music Beat Maker

Here are the pros and cons of the Dubturbo beat maker:


  • DubTurbo Is Cheap.
  • It’s Easy To Use.
  • Perfect Sound Quality (You can import and export WAV sound files, meaning there’s no loss in quality).
  • Import Addition Sounds.
  • Keyboard Compatible (You can plug in your own keyboard, and import and play sounds through that).


  • 16 Tracks (Although this is more then enough tracks for the average producer).
  • Lacking Advanced Features (Such as more tracks, advanced mix downs which you’d find on the $400 plus software etc).

Despite the cons (Which could only be rectified if you spent a few more hundred dollars on music software), Dubturbo is still easily the best piece of music software you can get if you want to cheaply make your own beats. You don’t have to compromise on quality, and you can have your first hit beat made in no time. So, what more do you want?

Compare DUBturbo

I can honestly say that Dubturbo is the beat maker software of choice if you want to make your own beats, but sometimes you need to know the alternatives. Below I’ve compared the DUBturbo beat maker to two other similar level of music production software. Have a look and decide which is the best beat maker software for you.

Dub Turbo VS Sonic Producer

Out of the two comparisons, Sonic Producer is the most like Dub Turbo. Both of them have an identical price tag at the time of writing this (Just under $30), and both of them are shipped by the vendor Clickbank. But what make DUBturbo better then SonicProducer?

Well, there are two main things:

  1. Online Or Offline Beat Creation.
    First of all, Dub Turbo is a stand alone piece of software. Once you download it onto your computer, that’s it; You don’t need to use the internet any more. Using DubTurbo doesn’t use up your bandwidth, meaning those with a limited internet connection have nothing to worry about. This isn’t an option with Sonic Producer, it only allows you to make beats online. DubTurbo allows you to make beats online as well, but given that it additionally allows you to make beats offline makes DUBturbo outshine Sonic Producer in that sense.
  2. Quality Of The Beats.
    Another reason why you’d want to buy Dub Turbo over Sonic Producer, is because of the quality of the beats it produces. Because Sonic Producer works strictly online, it only allows you to use MP3 samples. MP3s are a compressed music format, so using this format instead of WAV means that your beats will sound of a poorer quality then it should do. What’s more, when you export your songs, SonicProducer compresses it again in MP3 format. This means you get a double compression, significantly lowering the quality of your created beat.

Because of these two above points, DubTurbo is the music beat maker of choice. Sonic Producer was once the king of cheap make your own beat software, but Dub Turbo has long since out shadowed it.

DubTurbo VS FL Studio AKA Fruity Loops

DUBturbo ReviewBefore Sonic Producer and DUBturbo came along, Fruity Loops was the cheap beat making software of choice. But with this new age of music production software, FL Studio isn’t as cheap as it one was. While the cheapest version is Fruity Loops ‘only’ $99, this is still more then three times the cost of Dub Turbo. What’s more, if you want some of FL Studio’s more advance features, you’ll have to pay quite a bit more.

There is an obvious area Fruity Loops Studios outshine Dubturbo though, and that’s in terms of how many tracks you can use. While DT allows you a 16 track sequencer, FL Studio allows you an unlimited amount of track sequencers. Now in my opinion, 16 tracks in a sequencer is usually more then enough for any producer. When you start having too many things going on in a certain part of a song, it tends to start sounding messy. Having that said, it’s nice to have the option of more tracks, even if the average producer won’t really need them (And if they do, they could probably fit everything into the 16 tracks with the proper beat arrangement).

Overall, while Fruity Loops Studio is a good piece of equipment, I’d still recommend DubTurbo as the software to go for if you want to create your own beats. This music creator is a lot cheaper, and it still has a lot of the same features as FL (And even some it doesn’t).

The Best Beat Maker Software On The Market? DUBturbo Review

So, is Dub Turbo the best music production software on the market? Well, yes and no. For this price range ($0 to $150), it easily is. It’s closest competitors in the price range are Sonic Producer and a low features version of Fruity Loops, but for varying reasons it out shines both of them. If you want to know how to produce music and get started right away, DubTurbo is worth a look.

Buy DUBturbo

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DUBturbo Discount

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Click the DUBturbo link at the top of this page to buy DUBturbo on sale.

DUBturbo Review Conclusion

In this review we have looked at both the pros an cons of buying DubTurbo and using it to make your own beats, how it compares to other similar music making software in the music industry, and helped you work out of DUBturbo is right for you. We hope this DUBturbo Review was helpful.

Please Note: This is a 100% honest review. If you decide Dubturbo is the software for you and go on to buy it through my link, I will get compensated from the makers at no extra charge for you.

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  3. On the DubTurbo website Sharon. The link is at the top of this guide.

  4. does it work with mac?

  5. How much memory is the dub turbo software, and please can a full kit be sent via mail instead of downloading because my internet wont allow me download

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