How To Make A Music Video Part 2

How To Make A Music Video Part 2Welcome to How To Make A Music Video Part 2. This is the second part of our series outlining the steps needed to successfully create a music video. In How To Make A Music Video Part 1, we looked at why it’s important to pick the right song for your video, what to look at when thinking about a concept, and how to create a storyboard. In this part we’ll be touching on how you should go about finding a video recording company, things you need to prepare for the day, and more.

If you haven’t already read part one, I suggest you do that first. If you have, then let’s move on.

How To Make A Music Video – Find A Video Recording Company

Once you have your storyboard made up and you know what you want from your music video, next it’s time to find a company that can create your music video for you. While you can look for a video recording company before hand, the reason I have suggested to do it after is because you need to find one that matches your storyboard. Let’s say for example you want a standard ‘no thrills’ music video. There may be a local company that does these kind of video at a good quality and for cheap. In this case, it would be a good idea to go with them. If you finished your storyboard though and decided you wanted to make a video with a lot of computer effects and fast moving cameras, you may want to go with another company that has experience with these kind of videos.

So, how do you go about finding a video recording company? Well, one good way is to look at other videos of a similar quality to the one you want made. Let’s say for example there is a video by someone else in your genre that you like. It’s a good idea to see who made that video, and have a look at their other work. If they have a style you like, why not approach them to make your music video as well?

You can usually find out who made these videos either via the credits, by Googling the information, or by asking the musician who made their video. As long as you approach them in a polite and professional manner, a lot of people wouldn’t mind disclosing this information.

Another way to find someone to make a music video for you is by looking in directories and search engine results. Simply type “Hire cameraman _____ (the area you live)” or “Hire music video producer _____ (the area you live)” in Google and you should get an idea of where to start (Please note that there are many different terms you can type in to be presented with people who can record you music videos, so try a few different ones and see who you find). Have a look at a few different companies, see what quality of work they can do, and check out the prices. It’s often best to look around rather then going for the first result you see, as the best video recorder doesn’t always appear at the top of the search results.

One final way to get people who can record a music video for you is by approaching college or university students. Media students often need to do projects to complete their portfolios, so are willing to do free videos that will benefit both parties. While the quality may be hit and miss depending on what stage of the course they are and on their natural ability, it is often worth a try. I’ve seen some excellent quality videos produced by media students, all made on a very small budget. If the video doesn’t come out as well as you expected however, at least it never cost you any money. They can still use it for their coursework, and you can spend the money to get another video recorded.

Make A Music Video – Things To Remember For The Day

So it comes to the big day. It’s time to make your music video. As well as getting all the pre prep right, you will need to remember to sort out everything for the day. A lot of this stuff should be sorted prior to your video shoot day, as the less you have to worry about at the time, the better. Assuming all these things have been packed the night before however, here are some things you will need to bring with you on the day:

  • A Way To Play Your Music.
    When you are recording your music video, you will want your video footage to be in time with the actual song. The only way to make this happen is to play the song in real time and do your movements along to this audio. This will give you perfectly timed footage which can easily be matched up to your audio during the editing stage.Some music video companies will provide you with a way to play your music, but some won’t. It’s best to ask them first, and if not then buy a cheap portable music player to bring. It is a good idea to test this out before you attempt to bring it on the day of the music video shoot. As a further precaution, you should also bring a copy of the song on your phone. I’ve seen times where the equipment would fail to work (Or batteries would run out) and they would have to resort to playing the song off someone’s phone. Which leads to the next item you will need on the day:
  • Spare Batteries.
    As I mentioned above, when you’re dealing with portable music devices, you never know when your batteries will run out. Because of this, it’s a good idea to bring spare batteries with you. In fact, bring at least a couple of set of spares with you, if not more. And I don’t mean those cheap 99 cent / pound store batteries either, I mean good quality batteries that will last a long time. This is your music video you’re making here, do everything you can to ensure there is minimum fuss on the day.
  • Change Of Clothes.
    A change of clothes in music videos is quite standard, so unless you want your whole video shot with your wearing the same clothes, you will need to bring a change. It is best to plan what you’ll be wearing in advance (During the video planning stage if possible, or at least a couple of days before your shoot). You need to make sure these clothes are ironed the day before, and hung up somewhere safe where it can’t get creased or dirty.I’d advise you bring some back up clothes too, just in case anything happens to the clothes you plan on wearing. If you get tomato ketchup on your video top for example (And I’ve seen it happen) there’s no way you can be recorded with that top on. This footage will be available for people to view throughout your whole music career, so having a stained top isn’t something you’ll want to have as part of your history books.
  • Props.
    If you have any props that will be in the video, make sure you have them prepared from a day or two in advance and know how they work. If you leave all the sorting things out till on the day, you be adding unnecessary stress to your day.
  • Charged Mobile Phone And Numbers.
    If you have a number of people who are involved in making your music video happen, you will need to ensure you have contact with all of them. Make sure you have all of their mobile phone numbers to hand, and be sure that everyone’s running on time. If even one key person is running late, this will slow down the whole process, and maybe even end up costing you more money.
    Let’s say for example the camera man is running late. This will slow down your whole day as you obviously can’t record the video if they’re not there. If you can contact him however, at least you’ll know when he’ll be there ready to go. In the mean time, sort out anything else that needs doing.
    If you have two phones, bring both with you. If the battery on one phone has a short battery life, at least you’ll have the other one as back up.

How To Make A Music Video Part 2 Conclusion

And that’s it for our two part guide on how to make a music video. By now you should know what steps you need to take before shooting your music video, as well as what you need to prepare for the day. If you haven’t already, check out How To Make A Music Video Part 1 for more tips and tricks when making your music video.