Can You Fast Track Your Music Career?

Fast Track Music Business CareerAs many of us know, progressing your music career can be a long journey. It’s not uncommon for musicians to be working at things for years before they start to gain any real recognition, and even then they may not be where they want to be. Unfortunately however, many people give up on their music long before that. The lack of results and the feeling of an uphill struggle can take it’s toll, and often the best option appears to be giving up completely.

But why does it take so long to get your music to the stage where you’re seeing real results? Can you fast track music at all, or do you simply have to go through the grind before you get reap the rewards? This is what we look at today.

The Reason Independent Music Careers Move Slowly

One of the main stumbling blocks for people, is not knowing how to do certain key things. We’re not born with the knowledge of how to professionally create a CD, how to market ourselves to people, or how to successfully perform gigs, all of these things are things that need to be learned. Without the right guidance however, learning a lot of these processes are trial and error. Bare in mind, these examples I’ve mentioned are only a few of the things you will need to learn in order to get the best out of your music career.

Not knowing how do something can lead to hesitation, and mean that a person puts off doing something even when they know they shouldn’t. Performing gigs for example is a great way for people to earn extra money from their music career, but a lot of people are simply too afraid to go on stage. While this is often to do with gig nerves, gig nerves can often be formed because the person doesn’t know what to do when they’re on stage. After all, has anyone ever sat down with you and told you how to give a better stage performance?

A final reason music careers often move slowly is because it isn’t always easy to know what you should be learning about. You may be fully motivated to creating CDs and selling online, but if you didn’t know it was possible to collect royalties from your radio plays and live shows, you will be losing out on money.

In short, a lack of knowledge can slow your music career down.

But what can you do about this? Well, one place musicians often turn to gain music business knowledge, are online music business courses and books.

Do Offline And Online Music Business Courses Help?

While there are some courses and books out there that will teach you about the music industry, they’re all aimed at teaching you how record labels work, and other things that can’t really be applied to the independent musician. I mean, why know the ins and outs of how record labels work when you’re a long way from signing from one? Wouldn’t it be better to learn the skills that will be able to benefit you in the situation you’re in?

This is where we come in. For the last few months we’ve been creating a full guide of the music industry for the independent musician. We’ve mapped out a full and complete plan for getting yourself out there, saving you months (Or even years) of learning how to do everything yourself. Yes, we aim to fast track your music.

Whether you’re just starting out on your musical journey and want to learn how to sell your music online, or you’ve been around for a while and want to know how to better convert visitors into fans and buyer, WE COVER IT ALL!

More information will be released nearer the time of launch (out now, click here to see it). If you want to be informed on when this course is released and what else you can learn, please add your name and email address to the below form. As well as being informed when the course is released, we’ll also send you weekly tips and advice not shown here on this website.

Speeding Up Your Music Career

As I mentioned, before now the quickest way to learn what you should be doing as an independent musician was through trial and error. If you had your first ever gig for example, you would go on stage and perform how you think you should be performing. After your performance you come off stage and feel relieved you got through it in one piece. You may have a drink and hang around for a bit, then go home.

But wait, what about selling your music to those fans? What about recording your performance so you can see what you need to improve on for next time? What about connecting with fans and making sure they can find you easily when they get home?

The thing is, a lot of things you should be doing doesn’t get thought of automatially. If you don’t know you need to be doing something, how can you learn how to do it? This is why some independent musicians are earning a full time living (Even if they’ve NEVER had a commercial release before), while others are making a stone cold loss. It really is this black and white:

If you don’t know how to make and market your music correctly, your music career will never really take off.

Anyone that wants to make their music more then a hobby needs to learn proven strategies that’ll progress their career. Not that these business practices will guarantee you to be a success, you will still need a good level of talent if you want to earn from your music. Having said that, talent without knowing how to get yourself out there is pretty much useless, so you do need both pieces of the puzzle if you want to reach your goals.

Fast Track Music Career Conclusion

So is it possible to fast track your music career? Yes, it is. By doing the right things the first time around, you will greatly reduce the amount of trial and error you go through. Online music business courses can help you with this, and allow you to learn the business side of things in the comfort of your own home.

As I mentioned before, we have a new music business course for independent musicians coming up. If you have talent but don’t know how to get yourself out there, we can provide you with the business knowledge you need to get your career moving as fast as possible.

If you’re interested in learning more about this course, you can get all the info here: