How To Be A Wedding Singer

How To Be A Wedding Singer

Today we have a guest post by Sam from Music Live UK on how to be a wedding singer. If you have ever been interested in making some money as a singer at people’s weddings, then you need to read this article!

If you are a talented singer with good on-stage presence, then you could consider a career as a wedding singer. Weddings are big business all over the world. By providing quality entertainment at some of these weddings, you can easily build a career for yourself. Yes, wedding singing is a competitive market. But with a combination of talent and good marketing skills, you can earn yourself a very good living.

An Important Note About Wedding Singing

If you are going to pursue this as a career, you need to start considering your voice as your most important asset. Even if you are already a great natural singer, it may still be worth getting a vocal coach to help you train your voice. Or if you can’t afford that, try online singing lessons. 30 Day singer is a great option, check out this 30 Day Singer review here.

You may find you are singing a lot week in week out, so looking after your voice is essential. A vocal coach will be able to teach you techniques on how to protect your voice from damage, meaning you’ll be able to take up more singing work.

Even after just few lessons, you may find that there are some simple techniques you can use to improve your control. The last thing you want to do is damage your voice by not understanding how to look after it. If you’re not sure your vocal coach is going to teach you this, let them know you specifically want information on protecting your voice. They should be able to give you some exercises to do.

How To Be A Wedding Singer: Catering For Your Audience

As a wedding singer, it is important that you understand the type of songs your audience wants. Remember, it’s not about what song you’d like to sing at someone else’s special day, it’s about what type of songs THEY want. After all, they are the ones paying for your services right?

Given the occasion, romantic songs are usually the order of the day. You should thoroughly learn a wide selection of love songs, and create a set to suit the job at hand. Practice these songs regularly, and until you are extremely confident about your ability to perform them.

You should also be continually working on new material in order for your set not to become stale. It will also keep things interesting for you, rather than just singing the same songs over and over again. Some couples may want to your perform for their first dance, so you should always be willing to learn new material at short notice. This will make your service more personal, and make it more likely you’ll get more wedding singer jobs.

Sing To A Backing Track Or Live A Band?

As a wedding singer, you can do either. You may decide to perform on your own with backing tracks for music, or you could find a live band to perform with.

Ideally, you’ll want to be able to offer both of these services to couples. This will allow you to cater to all types of budgets, and mean you will get more wedding singer jobs as a result. You will have to charge a lot more if the couple want a live band at their wedding, mainly because there are more people to pay and more equipment to hire. If you’re working with a band, you should make sure everyone knows their roles and each member is reliable. You should also have fail safes in place; If one person is sick, how will you still carry on the show?

Investing In Your Own Equipment

Once you have had a few wedding jobs under your belt and you are doing well becoming a wedding singer, you may decide to buy your own PA system. This can be a significant initial outlay for you, but once you have it, you can hire this to couples for an extra charge. Most wedding venues don’t have their own PA system, so it is advantageous if you can provide one.

An extra benefit of having your own PA equipment, is that you have control over the way you sound. There’s often nothing worse then relying on someone else’s equipment, which often is of poor quality and won’t make you sound great. At least with your own audio equipment you know exactly how your vocals will come out.

Want To Become A Successful Wedding Singer? Then You Need To Market Yourself

Ok, so here’s the real secret of how to be a wedding singer: If you want to be a successful wedding singer, you need to do more then just have a great voice… You also need to learn how to market yourself! But what does marketing yourself entail?

Well, first of all you should record a demo in a professional recording studio. Having a good demo will allow potential customers to see how well you can sing. The better your demo, the more likely people will hire you for their big day.

As a wedding singer, you should also have your own website. It’s easy to make your own music website quickly, so if you haven’t got one already, then set one up right away. The expectation is that you will have a website with a professional recording on it. This will allow couples to hear you perform before they book, and hopefully buy into your ‘story’. Often, having a video of any previous performances on your website is also a good idea. Couples will want to see how you perform, so giving them a full picture of the service you’re offering them will do nothing but good for you. Because of this, it’s also important to practice your on stage presence. If you have a poor on-stage presence, you will lose potential jobs.

Additionally, you may want to advertise in brochures and wedding magazines, or attend wedding fairs to promote yourself. If self promotion is not you forte however, then perhaps you could consider signing up with an entertainment agent. They will of course take a percentage of your fee, but often they can get you much more work than you would be able to by yourself.

How To Be A Wedding Singer Conclusion

Becoming a wedding singer allows you to earn money from doing something you already enjoy. As a wedding singer, most of your engagements will be at the weekend. Because of this, singing at weddings is something you could fit around another job if you so desired. However, even if you do decide to only do wedding singing as a second job, that doesn’t mean you should become complacent with your duties. You will still need to provide the highest quality performance, as that’s what will get you a lot of your customers: Word of mouth recommendations! I bet you’re glad you read to the bottom of the article to read that tip. 😉

Participating in a couples special day and providing quality entertainment is a really satisfying career. There is certainly a lot to consider when becoming a wedding singer, but if you are serious about making it in this profession, you really could have a fulfilling career ahead of you.

If you want to hire a great wedding singer or wedding band for your big day, you can visit Music Live UK.

Shaun: If you have music business knowledge and want to share it with our readers, you can check out our requirements for guest posters. Thanks again to Sam for this great guide on how to be a wedding singer.

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