Music Business Strategies Interview With Promote Your Music

Hi guys, just a quick update today. Chris Rocket from the Promote Your Music blog recently interviewed me (Shaun) for his website. Some of the things we talked about include:

  • Why mastering your talent comes before anything else with your music.
  • A great trick you can use to learn from the best, and ensure you know what goes into making a good song!
  • Why you should work on connecting with people who can leverage the reach of your music rather that connecting with fans one by one (Hint, it’ll get you a lot further a lot faster).
  • Some ideas on what to offer fans in exchange for signing up to your mailing list, and how to tell what will work in your genre.
  • A neat trick you can use to learn how to produce music from Dr Dre… Well, kind of!
  • How you can use the 80/20 rule to your advantage.

We also talk about my new online music business school the IMA Music Business Academy, and how it can help you get your music to where you want it to be.

Thanks again to Chris Rockett for the interview. I hope you enjoy the interview and pick up some handy tips along the way. 🙂