Why You Need To Invest In Your Music Career

Invest in your music careerToday we’re going to look at the need to invest in your music career. Want to make money from your music, but don’t want to invest in making that happen? I’m sorry to break it to you my friend, but it simply doesn’t work like that.

Let’s make one thing clear: If you want to take your music career past the ‘making music in your bedroom’ stage (And start making money), you will need to invest in it. It really is as simple as that. While finding that money to invest isn’t easy for everyone, it will have to happen sooner or later.

Here are some of the costs you may, and probably will, incur:

  • Getting yourself studio time.
  • Pressing up your CDs professionally.
  • Buying instruments (If you’re part of a band or use them for your solo performances).
  • Your own music education.
  • Getting your music distributed online to websites like iTunes and Amazon MP3.
  • Your own .com website.
  • Any promotional materials (Without promotion no one will know about your music).
  • Travelling costs to and from gigs.

All of the above listed things are mandatory for your music career. No ifs, no buts, these are things that need to be invested into. As well as these necessary expenses, if you want to take things to the next level, you may also want to invest in:

  • Music video creation.
  • Photo shoots.
  • Adverts and other promotional efforts.
  • Paying people for instrumentals.
  • Paying guest to appear on your songs.

You can save money on some of these expenses (I will be looking at how in a future lesson), but either way, at some point you will have to spend some money. Having said that, it doesn’t have to be all at once. If you haven’t got much money to spend on your music career, you always have time to save up for it. It may take longer to get where you want, but as long as you put the effort in sooner or later, it is still achievable.

Best Ways To Invest Money Into Your Music Career

If you only have a limited amount of money to spend on your music career, where should you spend it first? Good question…

  1. Instruments.
    If you play an instrument, this is the most important place you can spend your money. You need it to practice and play your songs, so make sure you’ve got one that will last you for a good while.
  2. Music Business Knowledge.
    Investing in your understanding of the music business is essential. Many independent musicians simply learn things as they go along. This can be a long process, and as they say “Time is money”. Giving yourself all the information at the beginning can cut years off the time it takes to get your music out there. This will save you both time and money along the way.
  3. Building A .com Website.
    Building your online presence is essential, as is having a .com website. On here you can create a central point for your fans to get involved with you, as well as start building your mailing list. This is probably the best way to keep in contact with your fans, and build up lasting profitable relationships.
  4. Recording Studio Time.
    Whether you’re planning on selling your music online or do live shows only, you will need to record some songs at one point. These songs can be sold at your live shows, or sold online. They can also be given out to fans in exchange for their email address.

Once you have invested into these parts of your music career, the rest is largely optional. Having said that, if you really want to make it as a musician, there will be other times you will need to dip into your pockets.

Making Quality Music Costs Money, But Is Essential

If you want people to start taking your music seriously, you will need to put good quality material out there. To record good quality material, you will need to spend money on studio time. While you can always go to a friends house because he has his own DIY ‘studio’, this isn’t recommended. Most likely the recording quality won’t be of the level needed, and will give a bad impression of you when you show people your recordings…

I’ve always recommended one things: If something you do is not of a good quality, don’t put it out!

Whether it’s a new song, a promotional video, a music video you’ve just spent money on, or anything else, it’s simply not worth it. If you put out a product of poor quality, people will remember it. You could record the best song ever after that, but when it comes to asking people to listen to it, a lot of people simply won’t. They’ll remember you as that person who put the rubbish song out, and won’t want to listen to anything else you have to offer.

But back to the point I’m trying to make. Don’t cut corners when it comes to making your music. There are ways to save money with some of the necessary expenses, but even then you will have to shell out some change.
Home studio microphoneBut what if you don’t have money to record any material but your friend has a (Not so great) recording studio you can use for free? Simple: DON’T USE IT!! Actually, use it to practice how you’re going to record the song in a proper studio (If you trust them not to leak your material when you tell them you’re not releasing it). Make sure however, that you don’t actually release any of the songs you have recorded there. You may feel like you’re putting more material out, but in fact you could be doing more harm then good. It takes money to make money, and you’re only going to make money if people really buy into you. If you’re putting out songs with poor recording quality and grainy videos however, how many people do you think will buy into you? Only ever give the best impression of yourself, and make it easy for your music to be likeable.

Don’t Over Spend On Your Music

Even though it takes money to make money, please don’t think that just by spending more money you will make more money. You will of course need to spend on the right things, and at the right times. Buying a new great looking guitar when you already have one that works perfectly well for example, won’t do anything at all to progress your music career. In fact it’d probably slow it down, as you could have used that money to buy something more useful. Think wise.

Investing In Your Music Career Conclusion

If you’ve come into the music industry thinking you’re going to do everything for free, think again. In life it often takes money to make money, and the music industry is no different. If you haven’t got much money to invest, then start saving up now. It’s either that, or you don’t take your music as far as it can potentially go. Invest in your music careers!

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  1. It’s really important to financially sacrifice for one’s music career. Thanks for the post.

  2. Good article. Actually great article. I have invested for 5-long years financially and it’s only now I am on the verge of making some money.

  3. Thanks for the comment Antony, and glad you enjoyed it. It can take different people different amounts of times to make money from their music, but it can happen. I seriously believe anyone who makes good music can make at least a part time living (Profit) from their music if they do the right things.

  4. Great article Shaun!
    As an engineer/ producer from Austin, TX who works mostly independent artists I’m always on the search for the best advice i can give the bands we work with. Lots of great info here, we have a blog dedicated to artist resource’s as well although it’s not nearly as expansive as independent music advice. Check us out some time!
    -Team Phosphene

  5. Hi Carter, glad you liked the article! Nice one about your website, all the help independent musicians can get is a good thing! I hope it goes well. 🙂

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