8 Reasons Email Marketing Will Boost Your Music Career

Email Marketing For MusiciansWelcome to email marketing for musicians. Building a mailing list is one of the most important things you can do to boost your music career. By getting people on your mailing list, you can quickly and easily communicate with your fans, and keep them informed about your going ons. Fans are what push you forward in terms of how well known you are and how much money your music career brings in. Because of this, communicating with them as effectively as possible should be a top priority of yours.

In this article we look at the importance of collecting email addresses for your mailing list, and how you can use this process to benefit your music career. We also point you to a good guide at the end, which instructs you on how to set up a mailing list, and how to make sure your list is profitable.

So what are the benefits on setting up a music mailing list? Read on to find out.

1. People Generally Check Their Emails

One of the best things about having a mailing list with all of your fans on it, is you can contact them easily any time you want. While some people may not check their other online accounts daily, people generally do check their emails. After all, everything goes through there. Their Facebook account, their Twitter account, their gym membership, their work related things, and much more. Therefore, having access to their email address means your message should get in front of them.

People are often very responsive to their email messages. As long as you’re something of interest to them and you have an enticing heading, there is a good chance they’ll go on to open your email and read it through. Once they get in the habit of doing that, as long as you keep providing useful information and songs, they will stay a reader for life.

2. Retain More Fans By Getting Them On Your Mailing List

When people visit your website, a lot of them will probably have a look around, download a song or two, and never come back again. That’s just the way of the web. While they may like what you have to offer, there’s just so much to look at on the net. Because of this, unless you do something to retain your visitors, many people will only visit your site once and never return.

One of the best ways of retaining a visitor is to get them to sign up to your mailing list. If you get them on your list, you will have access to them whenever you want. You can also encourage them to come back to your site when you need to.

3. Remind People You Exist Through Your Emails

Like I said, the net has so many different things to offer people. There’s always something new to see or do on the web, so unless you’re always in someone’s face they could forget about you very easily. If you manage to capture their email address when they visited your website however, you have the ability to remind people you exist. When you send them messages (Be sure not to email them too much) you are effectively appearing on their raider again. If they remember about you, there is a good chance they’ll go back to your site to see what’s new.

4. Email Marketing Builds Up A Relationship With Fans Of Your Music

Once you have people on your list, you have to market to them with emails. This isn’t as cold as it sounds however, and it can actually help improve your relationship with your fans. The more someone hears from someone or about something, the more they become accustomed to it. As long as you don’t overdo it, people will warm to you once you have been sending them messages for a while. You want to make people feel as if they almost really know you, and have them feel involved in your development as a musician. If you can make them feel like that, people will buy into you and your products. After all, why WOULDN’T you buy something that you’ve had a hand in making?

5. Funnel Fans To Where You Want Them With Your Messages

Emails are great, as they allow you to draw attention to a specific going on or area you want people to pay attention to. Let’s say for example you have a big gig coming up, you could always email your visitors and let them know that this is happening. You could also include a link to a page where they can read more information about the gig, and a link to where they can buy tickets to attend. This minimises the chance that people will miss anything to do with your music, as you can easily highlight the most important parts…

6. Mailing Lists Show The Most Dedicated Fans Of Your Music

Music Fans On Your Mailing ListAs I’m sure you know, there are different levels of fans. Some of your fans may think you’re all right, but they may also like lots of other musicians and bands. They’ll open the odd email from you if the header sounds interesting, but they wouldn’t always open them or follow any links your provide in these emails.

On the other hand, there will be fans who open all your emails as they have a big interest in you. They will often look further into the information you provide in your emails, and most likely go on to buy your new releases.

When you sign up to a mailing list provider, you are provided with stats for free. These stats show you quickly and easily who your most dedicated subscribers are, who in turn are probably your most dedicated fans. Once you know who they are, you should go out of your way to give them free bonuses and make them feel welcome. They are generally the ones that will buy your releases and help spread the word about you, so make sure you keep them happy.

7. Easy To Promote Your Song And Merchandise Releases

Then great things about when people sign up to your mailing list, is they pre-qualify themselves as people who could be serious about your music. If someone goes on your website and isn’t too impressed with what they’re seeing, they’re not going to sign up to your mailing list, let along buy one of your songs. If they do like your music and want to hear more from your however, there’s a good chance they’ll sign up. They actually want to hear from you, and have made that clear.

These are the ideal people to sell to, as they are targeted visitors. What’s more, you now have unlimited access to them whenever you want. This is ideal if you have a song or album to release, what better way to make some initial sales then to promote your new release to your mailing list?

I’d advise you don’t over bombard them with emails during the time of your music release, as people will get annoyed by this. If they get annoyed, they will unsubscribe and you won’t have access to them any more. I’d suggest you message them twice about the release, maybe once to say it’s coming next week, and another time to say it’s out now. If you’re running a special offer e.g. The song is reduced in price for the first week, you can message them once more when the special offer is about to run out, reminding them of that. I’d say you don’t message them any more then that though, people don’t generally like being sold to so don’t push them. If they want to buy your music, they will during one of the first two emails. Therefore, sending a third will just wind them up.

8. Email Marketing Encourages Fans To Interact With Your Music

A good idea is to add autoresponder messages to your email marketing campaign. Autoresponder messages are messages that are sent out automatically once a certain condition is met e.g. Someone has been on your list for 30 days. If you send people a free songs automatically say once a month, you are reminding people what you can do, and encouraging them stay a fan of your music. You can also offer them more to do, telling them if they liked that song they can go and buy the rest of the songs on your website. Be sure to add a link to the relevant page on your website where they can buy it, as if you make it difficult for people you will lose sales.

You can also use your emails to get people involved with your music via competitions, via asking them their opinions on things, and by generally having two way communications with them. There are a lot of different ways to do this, so use your imagination and make them feel like they’re part of something special.

How To Build Your Own Mailing List

So now you know how important building a mailing list is, how do you actually go about building one? Well, we look at exactly this in lesson 5 of the IMA Music Business Academy. We also show you how to start raking in the subscribers, how to market to your list effectively, and lots of other great tips and advice that will have things moving in the right way. So if you want to learn more, check out the Academy now.

Email Marketing For Musicians Conclusion

As you can see, incorporating email marketing into your music career can be very beneficial to you. Communicating effectively with fans have never been more important to the independent musician, or musician at any level. Having them on your mailing list makes this more easy then ever, and is cheap to set up. If you want to take your music career seriously and want to start moving forward, you need to set up your mailing list and start building up a relationship with your fans today. If you liked this Welcome to email marketing for musicians guide, please share it around.

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  1. shaun

    helpful as always, thank you. You touched on mailing list providers-are these beneficial?


  2. Mailing list providers are essential, you can’t really build a list from your website without one. Aweber is one such provider, they provide you with all the tools you need to start capturing details of your website’s visitors. They also provide you with an autoresponder to build up relationships with your fans, allow you to store and segment your fan’s information, and do everything else you will need in your email marketing campaign. They also allow you to mass message your subscribers, and make your emails look nice and professional.

  3. Good read and a very helpful list. addition to point #6,its advisable that you create an excel file of your fans and categorize them- superfans, new fans, etc…so that you’ll not be sending same mail to all. As you said, not all fans are the same. Thanks for this.

  4. Good tip Marion. Aweber actually allows you to segment your list though, so you won’t need to use an excel file to do that.

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