IMA Music Business Re-Opening, Win Your Own Music Website Worth Over £500, And New Posts Every Day

Music Business NewsHey guys! I’ve a few very important announcements to make today, so please make sure you read to the end of this post.

First of all, I want to announce that the IMA Music Business Academy has officially re-opened as of today! For those that don’t know, the Academy is an online music business course that has helped well over 100 independent musicians, managers and industry figures progress their music career through better music business knowledge.

The course has been shut for a while while we’ve focused on existing members and improving it based on their feedback, but we’ve now re-opened it to a new set of members.

If you want to get on the course before the doors are shut again, you can get more information and enroll here. And if the thought of progressing your music career wasn’t enough to make you want to sign up to the Academy:

Win Your Own .com Website Worth Over £500 By Enrolling This Week!

Win A Muic Business WebsiteAs a bonus, anyone who signs up to the Academy by the end of this week (By Sunday the 6th of May 2012) gets entered into a draw to win their own .com website made by myself! I will buy you your own .com domain name of your choice, get you unlimited web space to be hosted on our server, give you a premium site design, and install all the best plugins that will make running your website as easy as possible! In other words, I will make you your own professional music website free of charge! It will be free for a year, after which we’ll help you transfer it over to your own hosting which you can get for a few dollars a month.

This prize is worth over £500, so isn’t a prize to be sniffed at. You can see full terms and conditions of the prize at the bottom of this post.

What’s New In The Academy

So, what’s new in the IMA Music Business Academy this time round?

  • Updated Lessons.
    We’ve made small updates to some of the lessons based on previous feedback. This means better lessons this time around!
  • Different Location.
    We’re now delivering the Academy via the Music Industry How To website. This will give you a cleaner learning environment, and an easier to use system.

Other then that, it’s the same well received course that has helped a lot of independent musicians progress their music career.

New Posts Every Day This Week Only

New Music Industry Articles Every Day This WeekOk, so onto the next point. We’ve had a lot of very knowledgeable people sending us useful guides to publish, so instead of putting them out once a week like we usually do, we decided we’ll put out a new guide every day this week!

Sound good to you? If so, make sure you check Independent Music Advice back on a daily basis!

Some of the guides include setting up your own recording booth, how to make your own hip hop beats, tips on what to look for in a manager, and more. So make sure you check out this website every day this week for an article that could help you!

Make Your Own Music Website

For those that don’t want to wait and see if they win one, you can learn how to make your own music website by clicking here.

That’s it for today. For those that are interested, here are the terms and conditions for the above mentioned competition. I’ll see you tomorrow for a new guide!

Win A Music Website Competition Terms And Conditions

  1. Competition closes Monday the 7th of May 2012 at 00.01 GMT (London time). Anyone joining the Academy after that will not be entered into the draw.
  2. Winners will be picked at random (‘Out of a hat’) 8 days after the competition closes.
  3. Only people that join the Academy and stay past the trial period will gain an entry in this competition.
  4. All enrollments into the Academy will count as a competition entry, regardless of what price plan you sign up on.
  5. The winner will be informed of their winning status on the week beginning the 14th of May 2012.
  6. The domain name you win and hosting will be up for a year. Before the end of the year is up, it’ll be your responsibility to buy your own hosting and transfer your website across to it (Which we can help you with). You can get hosting for around $10 per month, a lot less if you buy for more years. If you do not transfer the domain over to your own hosting before one year is up (You’re advised to transfer it over at around the 9 month mark), you website could go down once the year is complete.
  7. The website will be build on WordPress. While we’ll show you how to use the basics, it’ll be your responsibility to learn how to do everything you want on it.
  8. You will have to provide the content for your website.
  9. Only one entry allowed per person.
  10. We withhold the right to change terms and conditions at any time without warning.
  11. The decision of Independent Music Advice is final.