Youtube’s New One Channel, And How To Set It Up Properly

Youtube One Step By Step Guide For MusiciansThis guide was written by Anne Jacqueline, music manager of singer Yasmine Modestine.

A short while ago, Youtube implemented a new design called ‘One Channel’. You can see an example of this design in action on Yasmine’s Youtube page.

The ideas behind this is a much simpler channel design that also works well across many different devices. As more people get tablets and smart phones, it has become increasingly important to be able to effectively display your content to as many of these devices as possible. This new channel allows this.

Although this is very cool, it isn’t the only cool new feature. For example, One Channel now allows you to present one set of videos to your subscribers, and another set to people who haven’t yet subscribed. As I’m sure you can imagine, this gives a lot of exciting possibilities (I.e. Subscriber only videos etc).

So, here’s how to set up your new One Channel design on Youtube. Give it a go, it’s really easy to do!

Getting A Picture For Your Youtube Music Channel

Au revoir (‘Goodbye’ for those non French speakers :)) elaborate graphics, all you will need is a photo of 2560px by 1440 px.

On most screens, only a small area of this photo (Usually 1546px by 423px at the center of the photo) will be shown. So if you add text, all of it needs to fit in there. I wouldn’t suggest you put too much text in though.

On a TV, the whole photo will be used. On desktops, tablets and smart phones, only part of the photo will be used. This will make it look like a banner (Its length will depend on your screen).

If you want to get all the visual information and sizes, click here (You can also download the template from this page).

Once you’re ready to add your image, click on the ‘add an illustration for your channel’ message on the banner. From here you can drag and drop your photo.

Adding Links To Your Other Websites And Social Profiles

Once your image is up, you will probably want to add some links to your other music based pages. To do this, go to the top right corner of your banner and click on ‘edit the links’.

Here you can add several links :

The first one is the link to your official site (Which, by the way, you should have. If you haven’t yet got one, learn how to quickly and easily set one up here).

After that, you can add links to any social networks you may have. For example, Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Soundcloud, Tumblr, Instagram etc to name only a few.

Adding A Teaser To Your Channel

Set Up A Featured Music VideoRight below your new illustration, and to the left, will be the teaser content for your channel. You can make this different content for subscribers and non subscribers.

By hovering the little arrow on top of this spot, you will call up the editing tool.

You can now add a video for people who haven’t subscribed to your channel yet.

You can either film a short video explaining what your channel is about (Keep it short and simple, and make sure you include a call to action) or simply choose your best music video or footage.

People who are already subscribed to you will see a video from your channel in this spot.

Describe Your Channel To Potential Fans

Next, go to the ‘about’ section (To the right of the home icon), click on the editing pen, and describe your channel.

This description doesn’t need to be very long, but it needs to be relevant to the actual content of your channel. 😉

It will appear by default on all the descriptions of your new videos and on other places on Youtube, so be sure to change this as and when is needed.

Creating Sections And Playing With Playlists

Playlists are very important in the One Channel design. Youtube now allows you to add playlists of both your own videos and other people’s. So if you and another musician are supporting each other, you can add their videos to your channel, and they can do the same with your vids.

Again, when you hover on a section, you are calling the editing tool. You can choose to add one or several playlists to the section, and present it horizontal format (line) or vertical format (list).

You can add as many sections as you like by clicking on ‘adding a section’ (Below the last section).

And you’re not limited to videos from yours or your friend’s channel. You can also add a sections with videos you like, music artists that have inspired you, people you’re working with, etc. The choice is yours.


And voilà ! You’re all set 🙂

Changes to platforms you’re used to can be confusing at first, but hopefully this guide has showed the new Youtube design isn’t that difficult to understand, and using the above step by step instructions you can get yours set up exactly how you want it.

So, what’s your view on this new Youtube design? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.