5 Marketing Tips For Beginner Guitarists

The best marketing strategies for guitar players

In today’s modern age of digital music recording and affordable options available for musicians globally, there is a lot of competition out there for upstart guitarists looking for recognition on the internet.

If you’re a guitarist who’s part of a band or group, you can compose, record, mix, and master an entire album up to professional standards from the comfort of your very home! And you can do it on a pretty affordable budget as well.

You can make your own album covers with digital art, make music videos, and even manage a global record label right from your home office.

But these luxuries are afforded to every upstart guitarist pursuing a career as a musician. There’s countless guitarists flaunting their shred skills all over the internet, so how do you compete with them? How can you attain a bit of internet fame, and attain a bit of the recognition your talent rightfully deserves?

Well first of all you need to be really good at playing guitar. If you need practice, maybe get guitar lessons before you start marketing your music.

Now if you’ve already taken guitar lessons and are a top player, read on for some marketing tips for guitarists!

1. Show Off Your Guitar Playing Skills On Youtube

Youtube is simply a monolith. Many musicians grew to fame and notoriety through the service. The much maligned Justin Beiber was discovered on Youtube. Love him or hate him, the dude is a millionaire, and he got his start right on Youtube. Crazy, right?

You can upload a video of an original composition, a video giving other guitarists insight and tech advice, or you could be showcasing a cover of a song. Much like this infamous cover of Canon Rock:

You can get good exposure on Youtube if you’re good enough. The best part is, if you manage to make a viral smash hit with original material, you can cash in on the Adsense.

Youtube moguls like PewDewPie make millions on their channels. Wouldn’t it be nice to get some internet cash flowing to fund the recording of you album? But for your Youtube video to be a success, you need to advertise on other platforms, get the buzz and hype building. This leads us to…

2. Use Facebook To Promote Your Songs

Yes, Facebook, the infamous social network that murdered Myspace. Love it or hate it, Facebook is quite a great means to promote your craft and network with like minded musicians and guitarists.

Artist pages can connect you directly with fans in a much more personal way, letting you interact with inquiries from all around the world in real-time. This sort of personality you attribute to your brand will make you far more endearing for potential listeners.

Unfortunately the Facebook algorithm changes quite often, and in recent years the promotional power of Facebook has been skewered, likely in hopes that more musicians, artists, and brands will pay Facebook for their posts to reach more people. I wouldn’t advise this, though.

3. Market Your Guitar Instrumentals On Soundcloud

Soundcloud is an amazing, free platform available for guitarists and other musicians to share their music with the world! There are paid options if you wish to upload unlimited sounds, otherwise there are time constraints.

Soundcloud is essentially a social network to share your sounds and check out the songs from other producers from across the globe. Guitarists on Soundcloud can build a fan base on this platform and have hundreds of people listening to their music daily!

Soundcloud is simply one of the best places to post your music and market your music. Embedding the player into other social media networks like Facebook and Twitter is seamless and easy, and you can keep an eye on status, refine your marketing strategy, and learn what works and what doesn’t. I definitely advise you to at least check out a free account, it’s totally worth it.

4. You As A Guitarist Should Be On Bandcamp

5 Marketing Tips For Beginner Guitarists

Bandcamp puts all the power of album releases in the hands of the music makers. While there are many labels on Bandcamp, you’ll notice most artists like to release their albums through the platform independently.

Gone are the days of seeking out a record contract – you can now release your music digitally, share it with the world and even put a price on it. This could be your guitar instrumentals, or songs your band makes with your guitar playing in it.

With the right marketing techniques implemented, you can have your Soundcloud account link back to bandcamp with a buy link, and you can share your Bandcamp releases on all your social media networks with an embedded music player. I think it is very important for guitarists who are looking to promote their craft, to have original material to promote. Most guitarists can grab their axe and learn another bands songs, another musicians solos – it takes much more ingenuity and skill to compose songs from scratch, produce them yourself and release a audibly pleasing result of original compositions online.

Bandcamp, as far as I can tell, is the best option for guitarists weary of releasing their music on Itunes. I’d say bandcamp is even better than Itunes, with the option of naming your own price, allowing customers to pay more if they like, or even releasing the album for free. There are a lot of cool features with Bandcamp, and I highly recommend it for those looking for a great platform to release their albums and EP’s on.

5. Take Advantage Of Guitar Blogs / Music E-zines

At the end of the day, the best promotion for musicians is generally word-of-mouth. If you’re promoting yourself ceaselessly on your social media, it’s likely your friends, family, and fan base may get burnt out. Reaching out to blogs and online music publications is a great way to get some advertisement and marketing done for you by others.

You have to do something original though. You can’t do the same thing every other guitarist is doing and expect them to cover you. But what can you do to stand out? Well, if for example you have multiple fender acoustic guitars, you can do a Youtube video explaining which is the best to worst. Guitar enthusiasts will eat this up, and you’ll gain good exposure if covered. This is just an example, but the takeaway should be to create high quality unique content.

It’s mutually beneficial – music bloggers scour the internet for the next big thing to review on their websites. Cut out the work for them, and send them a link to your best material! Make up an Electronic Press Kit (EPK) and send it along. Offer them a free download to your album – they might just review it and send dozens of potential fans your way!

Bonus Guitar Marketing Tip

If you want to really make sure you get yourself out there, you need to learn more advanced guitar playing skills. The ones the don’t teach you in beginner guitar lessons.

This is because there are a lot of guitarists out there. So even if you get yourself in front of people, if you’re only making basic music and don’t stand out, they still won’t pay you any attention.

The marketing possibilities with just a computer and an internet connection are endless today. If you’re looking to make a name for yourself, follow some of these basic marketing tips for guitarists and see your popularity start to swell!