About Independent Music Advice

The Independent Music Advice is a free online guide showing you how to maximise your talent to succeed within the music industry (Without the help of a major record label). Acts such as the arctic Monkeys and Sway have proven record labels aren’t needed to successfully push your music, and anyone can get their music heard with enough talent and the right guidance.

Arctic Monkeys and Sway were successful independent musicians

*Arctic Monkeys and Sway, both acts who made their name independently without the help of a record label.

We’ve crammed years of music industry experience into this website so you don’t have to make common mistakes many others will when trying to learn the ropes. Want to release your music but not sure what format’s best for you? Not sure how to get your music into shops? Never been to a studio so aren’t sure what to expect? We help you with all these things plus many more; all you need other then this site is talent and a willingness to succeeded!

Independent Music Advice will be updated regularly, please bookmark this site and keep checking back for more info.