How To Get Music Shows To Perform At

How to get shows and events to perform at.While we cover this subject a lot more in our article on how to get gigs, here are some quick ways to get yourself performing at shows:

  • Attending the type of shows you want to perform at, finding the promoter or person who’s organising the event and giving them a demo of yourself. Making it clear you’d be interested in performing at a future event. A bit of flattery never hurts, so let them know how much you enjoy their event and make it clear if you were performing there you would promote the night as well as yourself.
  • Look out for event organiser on flyers. Some put their phone numbers up, so give them a ring and ask them how you’d go about performing at one of their events.
  • Set up your own event. There may be some start up cost involved in this one (Getting a venue, any equipment needed e.g. microphones, audio equipment etc) but it can be worth it. You’d get yourself out there more, and if your event takes off and you sell enough tickets, you could make all the money back as well as a nice profit. Be warned though, a lot of planning is needed, as to often events fail due to not enough promotion or not having a crowd drawer (You need something that’s going to draw people in, such as a ‘big’ act or a chance for people to perform in a open mike).
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