Selling Your Music At Shows

Sell your music at shows, all your fans will be thereAs stated before, shows are a great place to sell any CDs or material you have to new and committed fans a like. The type of people that go to live showcase nights are usually people that support “home-grown” talent, so the sale is already that bit easier. Many also carry around cash in-case they hear something they like and want to buy that person’s material.

The key to selling your music at shows is not to be shy. Many people expect you to come and sell to them at showcases and events (Bar concerts, unless you’re selling outside the main show), so don’t feel like you’re putting a burdening them. If they don’t want to buy your music they’ll tell you and you can move onto the next person. If they do you’ve made a sale.

Remember, always make sure you mention anything you may have achieved to make the sale that bit easier (Any awards, any tracks they may know / have been on TV etc, anyone you may have worked with etc). If you find something they can relate to or may know, you would’ve caught their attention and they’re more likely to part with the cash.