Getting Artwork

Unless you’re a graphic designer yourself, it’s essential to hire a graphic designer to do your artwork for you. Whether you pay this graphic designer or use their services for free, graphic design is an important part of your project!

The artwork for your project is more important then many people initially think. This is normally the first thing people see of your product, whether it’s in shops, online, or in an advertisement.

If your product is easy on the eye or stands out (In a good way), people will take notice and are more likely to go in for a closer inspection. This image may also stay in their mind, so when they see it again they will automatically think of you. This is called brand recognition, and is an important part of making people like and remember you.

If on the other hand the art on you project is poorly designed or has nothing to catch people’s attention, many potential consumers will bypass your product without giving it a chance. They may even be turned off by it, and decide not to buy your product based purely on that. You may have the greatest music in the world on your CD, but if your artwork isn’t attractive and doesn’t draw people in to listen, how will they know?

Knowing we need good artwork, listed are some ideas on how we can get it…