Ways Of Getting Free Graphic Design

Ways of getting free graphic designIf you can’t design your own art but don’t have the money to pay for someone to design for you, don’t worry, there is still hope. One way of getting free graphic design is to ask any designer friends you may have to do you some. Depending on your relationship with them, they may do you a one off piece, or a whole series of free graphic design for your project.

If however you don’t know any designers, you can always find some online. There are many up and coming designers who would be willing to do free graphic design for you in exchange for getting their work seen. These designers can be found of forums, social networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook, and via search engines.

When you approach someone to do you free design work, always make clear the benefit of them helping you with your project (Their work will be seen in shops, you will be digitally distributing the product to thousands of people, or whatever the case). DON’T however over hype how far you’ll be pushing your project, if you do and you fail to deliver, most likely you won’t be getting help from that designer again. It is often best to be honest (Even if you aren’t expecting to get your project that far) and let the designer make their own mind up about whether or not they’ll do free graphic design for you. If they like you and need to build up their portfolio, there’s still a good chance they’ll work with you.

One downside of getting free graphic design though is you can’t get everything your way. Some of these up-and-coming designers won’t have all the skills and knowledge a professional graphic designer will have, so may not be able to do everything you want. If this is the case you also won’t be able to complain that much as you’re not paying them for their services. Also as they’re not being paid, some graphic designers will work a lot slower and not to a set time line, as they may be focusing more on paid work or other non related priorities. Having said that, there are some very talented up and coming designers out there and it’s worth trying to get free graphic design from these up and coming designers.