Finding Backing Tracks

Ways to find backing tracks, beats and instrumentals for your musicResources In This Article:

Beats365: A place to get hundreds of royalty free backing tracks for your singles, albums and mixtapes.

There are many ways you can go about getting backing tracks for your project. If you don’t want to learn how to produce your own beats or backing music (You can check our review of DUBturbo for some beat maker software that does this perfectly) , the other option is to have someone make a track for you.

One option is to buy beats from producers. Producers such as Nebula sell many different types of beats from his Beats365 website. You can use these backing tracks for your albums, mixtapes or single, and as they’re royalty free you don’t have to pay each time you use them.

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Another alternative is to find producers on forums. There are many talented up and coming producers that will give you the use of their track in exchange for exposure, so it’s worth having a look around. Although these producers may not all be professional business men, approach them like they were. Your professionalism (Along with the proof that you’ve got talent) will make it more likely they’d be willing to work with you and give you more and exclusive beats in the future.

One of the final main ways of getting instrumentals is to approach well known producers directly or through record labels. If you’re an up and coming musician without an established name already however, expect to pay for one of these producers to make a track for you. If you’ve already got a proven track record of selling a lot of music, they may instead opt for a percentage share of song sales, but this is unlikely.