Making Your Own Beats

Make your own beats and instrumentals is a good way of getting backing tracksResources In This Article:

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If you feel you have the ability to make your own backing tracks, producing or playing an instrument may be right up your street. Neither of these are easy without the right training however, so if you’re a complete newbee don’t expect to pick up an instrument or music production software and have a finished track within the week. Both of these things take much work to master, and a good ear to get the most out of them.

Music Production Software

Music production software is good if you want many different types of instruments at your fingertips without having to rely on anyone else or buying all the equiptment yourself. This is what most producers use due to the flexibility and wide range of features. Music software such as Logic and Cuebase are seen as top range production software but cost hundreds of pounds / dollers each. Because of this they’re only worth buying if you’ve tried them before and know you want to stay in the music production game long term. If you’re not sure if music production is for you, try a cheap peice of music production software such as Dubturbo. If you like it you can then upgrade to Logic / Cuebase, or even stick with DubTurbo if you like it that much. If not you can always move on to getting other people to produce backing tracks for you.

If you want to learn more about music production, you can check our guide on how to produce music.

Playing Musical Instruments

If you have an instrument (Or at least have access to one), you can also make your own backing tracks. With only one instrument the type of backing track you can produce will of course be more minimalistic, but get together with a few friends who play different instruments and you’ve got your own band! Bands have become popular with indie and rock musicians, scenes where live instruments and performances are still seen as the way to go. If you’ve experience with playing musical instruments this could be the best way to get your backing tracks, as if you’re good enough you can get your music sounding exactly how you want it.

If however you’re not very experienced with instruments, you can always take lessons to improve your skills. Once again this isn’t a quick fix to getting backing tracks and the amount you get out is dependent on how much work you’re willing to put in, but if you want to be part of (Or form) a band, lessons could be for you.

Online lessons such as Jamorama Guitar are becoming increasingly popular as they allow you to learn an instrument faster then weekly ‘in person’ lessons. They’re also much cheaper as all the lessons are delivered online of via post. Jamorama Guitar teaches people how to play the guitar, although there are also other instruments you can learn via these types of lessons.

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