Making A Music Video On A Budget

Camcorder, budget camcorder, or hd camcorderNow I hear you asking, what if I can’t afford to make a music video? Do all music videos cost thousands of pounds to make? Well the answer to that question is no, many can be made cheaply. And the answer to the first question has many answers, the best of which are listed below:

Make Your Own Video

Have you got your own video camera? Know how to or can learn editing software? Then why not make your own music video? Of course, it won’t come out as good as if a professional had done it, but can be a good way to begin getting your face out there before the big bucks start rolling in. And of course, it is a very cheap solution to making a music video.

While many of these will only be of good enough quality for YouTube, if you use the camera and footage well enough you can in some cases get it played on specialist Sky TV channels.

If you know how to operate a camera, you can even get consumer level high definition cameras which will come out good enough quality to send to TV channels. These cost a lot less then many people would think, so have a search for one…

Hire A Student

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One option you can try if you have no or very little budget, is approaching a media student. There are a lot out there needing to do work for their portfolio, and if you can prove you’re worthy of their time, some will do you a free video or charge you very little.

It’s not easy to find these students though. If you’re aren’t lucky enough to already know one, you may want to try ringing around colleges or universities and proposing you have a project their students can work on if they’re interested. Expect a lot of rejection, but if you look hard enough and can make it mutually beneficial to them, there are people that will take you up on your offer. Just don’t forget to buy them lunch and cover their travelling costs if you want to keep them sweet for future projects.

Join a Youth Club or Project Group

If you’re young enough (Some youth clubs go up to the age of 25), you can join a youth club and use their facilities. These facilities will be free to use if you are a resident of the borough the youth club is located in, and sometimes even if you’re not.

Many youth clubs these days have video recording equipment and somewhere for you edit the footage you capture.

The benefit of using these youth clubs and project groups is you can actually get help with putting your project together from the staff. There should be people there to help you if get stuck using the equipment, and as a lot of people probably use the project, you can bounce off other people for fresh ideas. If however you aren’t young enough to join your local youth project or course, maybe think about doing a paid course to teach you how to make videos. If you’re dedicated to it and apply what you learn, it could save you a lot of money in the long run.