Things To Think About When Making A Music Video

Things to think about when making a music video. You'd want a video directorEven before you start making a music video, you got to ask yourself if it’s worth it. How are you going to recoup at least part of the money that’s going to go into the video? Are you selling something along side it? Where are you going to try and put the video once it’s complete? Once you’ve got the answer to these questions, you can decide whether or not the video’s worth doing.

It’s only really worth making a music video if you’ve got a product to sell alongside it. A music video without a release is a waste of time and money, so make sure you’ve a way of making back at least part of the money that went into the video.

As well as music channels on TV, you may also want to get your video online. The reason for this is it’s going to end up there sooner or later with someone bound to rip it off TV and get YouTube hits off your video. So get it up first and make sure they come to your official YouTube page / sponsored website when researching you. A good plan is to have a link to your shop page on your video / video page so you can make some sales from people viewing your video online.