When To Make A Music Video

Video directors will always be around, but you have to make a music video at the right timeOne mistake many people make is leaving it too late to make their video. Often people make their music first, release it, then realise they want to do a video for it. Then by the time they plan, shoot, edit and release the video, there are a lot of people already bored of the song or have it on their computers etc already. This means you’ve not only lost potential sales, but also lost money on making the video.

You should really be thinking about making a video as soon as you have recorded a song you think can do well (If not before). This track should then be held back from the public ear until you are ready to release the song. Viewers should be able to hear the song on radio then see you on TV the same day, all the while you promoting letting them know where they can buy the song from.

Even if you haven’t finished recording your whole CD but have decided and recorded your video track, it’s still advisable to record the video as soon as possible then hold it back till everything else is done. That way once your music is recorded and ready to release, you don’t have to worry about sorting a video as it’s already there. One thing however, don’t be tempted to show people your video just because it’s finished. Videos are at their most powerful when they’re first seen by people. This mean they’re much more likely to spread the word and buy it if it’s fresh, not if they’re seen it already as it would be old news.

All these factors work together; you have to come at potential customers from all angels in quick succession if you want to make a sale. If you were to release a song and it was heard by a potential customer only once, you probably wouldn’t make a sale. But if this potential customer was to hear it say four times in three days, the song’s going to be much more likely to stay in their mind and they’re a lot more likely to go out and buy it.