Why Make A Music Video

Make a music video only if it's beneficial to your music careerMaking a music videos is largely seen as a way to make your single or album sell thousands or millions of more copies by the average musician not in the know. This however isn’t the case. Most of the time, money put into making a music video isn’t recouped. This doesn’t mean that music videos are completely useless though.

One advantage of making a music video is, once complete, the music video can get you heard and seen on a mass scale. Where people can ignore your CD on the shelf, it’s much harder to ignore your face popping up on their favourite music channel. People are also more likely to remember you if they see your face, and if the music video’s good, the people viewing it will be more open to your marketing in the future. And of course, that can lead to more sales and longevity of your main brand… You!