Different Pressing Up Options

Pressing up your own music via computer, CD duplication or CD replication?

Your budget will determine how you press up your product. Remember, with a very small budget you can still press up your product, it just won’t look as good to the consumer.

The industry standard pressing up of a CD for example would have a jewel case, full colour front and back covers, and on CD print. It will also have a CD insert of some sort and some will also have a plastic wrap to show it hasn’t been opened yet.

If you’ve a low budget this may not be possible, and you may have to press up the CDs yourself.

One cheap option is to use plastic sleeves to hold your CD as you can get 100 of these for under £2 online, and closer to 50p if you look around.

You must remember however, people would be less willing to pay a higher price if you CD presentation doesn’t look fully professional. People that know your music already would have less trouble buying as they know what’s on the CD and are already a fan, but it’d be hard to find new customers based on presentation alone.

If you’re pressing up the CD yourself, you can find many online stockists where you can buy bulk jewel cases. You can copy CDs from most personal computers, and while it may take you a while to press them all up you will save a lot of money.