The Importance Of Free Promotion

Free promotion is very important in making your music a successThis may sound obvious, but is often overlooked by some; the more of your promotion you can do for free, the more profit you’ll end up making! Now I’m not saying cut corners and don’t spend any money on marketing, I’m just saying don’t think you have to have money to get your product out there.

Free promotion includes website advertising, encouraging word of mouth, and any promotion which doesn’t need money. There are some people who look down at free promotion like it’s not as good as paid promotion. This couldn’t be further from the truth, as in reality the more people you reach the better. A potential customer isn’t going to first like the look of what your showing them then change their mind just because you didn’t spend anything on promoting to them, they’re going to put money into your business if what you offer is good.

Free promotion can increase your promotion efforts and profit tenfold, and online promotion can often be outsourced to affiliates and people who will promote your product for their own free sample or a percentage of what they sell for you (If they don’t sell anything they won’t make any money).