Types Of Promotion Part 2

Types of music promotionHere are some more tips on how to promote your music:

Mailing Lists:

A mailing list is a data base of people you can mail information and offers to via phone, email or postal address. People should legally be able to sign up to your mailing list through choice, and it should be clear to them how to get off your mailing list if they so choose. Creating a email mailing list is completely free, and you can send the emails out via your own email address or better still a email address created just for your mailing list.

Mailing lists will always be a popular type of promotion as it keeps people who are already interested in your product up to date with anything new you do. As these people have already expressed an interest in your product (Them giving their details to be added to the mailing list or them buying a product off you which included giving your email address or number at some point) you already know they’re part of a group you want to target. Due to this as a whole they’re easier to sell future products and release to.

The most important thing about mailing list is to make sure all information is gained via the receiver’s consent and they’re part of your target market. There’s no point having millions of people on your mailing list if they aren’t in a country that can buy your music or wouldn’t be interested in it. All that would end up happening is many people will mark your email as junk and all future emails you send to these people won’t even reach their inboxes. That or people will get you number blocked if using phone or bin your posted promotional materials. There’s really no point wasting your time and effort, as if used correctly mailing lists can be a very powerful tool.

Live Performances:

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Live performances are a great way for you to promote yourself. They allow you to get face to face with your fans, and make new fans along the way. They’re also great for selling your material, as even if the audience hasn’t heard of you before, a good performance could turn them into a life long fan and customer. This applies especially to showcase events and to a slightly lesser extent open mike nights, as the people attending these are usually music fans that are used to buying CDs of anyone they find interesting. Check the “Getting and Performing Live Shows” section for more information and tips on this.


Adverts, an affective way to get your message out to a mass of people in a short space of time. The only problem with them is they’re expensive to produce and air, so they most likely wouldn’t fit into your promotional plans unless you’ve got a big budget and are confident you’ll make the money back.


Flyers are a good way of getting your message out on a wide scale. They can either be left in relevant shops for customers to pick up for themselves, they can be handed out on the street / after raves, and they can be included with products advertising other products.

Flyers are largely seen as disposable, so if you’re handing them out in a set area, expect to see many end up on the floor and in the bin. Having said that, they’re still a good method of promotion. You can get 5,000 good quality flyers for under £100 if you look around, and if 10 people see the flyer and buy your CD at £10 a pop you’ve made your money back. Chances are though, you’ll get a lot more people at least gaining awareness of your brand, and if what you offer is good, purchasing off you in the future.