Finding A Recording Studio

It's important to find a good recording studio and vocal booth

So now you have an idea of where you want to want to go with you project, the next step is actually recording your material. I will assume you already have your lyrics written down and memorised perfectly, now you need to find a recording studio to record your vocals.

There are many different recording studios out there, with varying price, quality, and recording style. There is no right or wrong studio to go too, it all depends on your budget and what you’re looking to achieve from your project. Remember, listen to some material recorded in that studio before you use it yourself so you can see if it’s at the quality you want. There are three main category of studio:


  • Home Recording Booth

This is the cheapest (Sometimes free) type of recording studio available to you. However, it will often (But not always) also leave you with the worse sounding music.

The home recording booth is often set up in someone’s house, another music lover who wanted to take their passion that bit further and had the finances to do so. Some home studios can actually do you an good quality recording, but many leave your product with ‘feedback’, distortion and background noise. It all depends on what level of equipment the engineer has invested in, and how well they can use it.

You can find home recording booths usually through word of mouth as many aren’t listed. Some will charge you a small amount of money, others will let you record for free if they like you.

Unless you find a good quality one, home studios are best for people with a low budget that are only giving out their product for promotion (Not selling). Be warned however, if the quality of the studio is too poor it could make you sound poor too. If you give out a poor product, even if it’s free, people will remember you for it and avoid your material in future.


  • Mid Level Studio

This is the type of recording studio that I would recommend using. Using these recording booths you will come out with a professional sounding product that is radio quality, some of them even matching the industry standard recording studio. They are however, a lot cheaper. Most of the time, the only difference is the final mix down, and even then sometimes you’ll get a better mix down in the mid level studio as it’s more about the studio engineer knowing what they’re doing. You can usually book mid level recording studios for £15 – £25 an hour, and are able to pay hourly.


  • Industry Standard Studio

These are the bigger recording studios who charge a lot more money to record your project in. They usually have a lot of other ‘extras’ available for you to use, such as a kitchen, entertainment (Pool table, computer games etc), and more. This however, is usually where the extras end. When it comes to the quality of your recording, a lot end up sounding the same as mid level recording booths. This is why I find it hard to recommend these type of recording studios, as they encourage you to stay longer so you spend more money without getting much back. Many also have a minimum booking requirement, so you have to book the studio for a few hours or a few days.

Some of these recording studios do however have superior mixing down abilities, this however isn’t always the case.


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