Good Studio Techniques And Tips

Recording studio and vocal booth tips

Good vocal recording techniques can help you in many ways. They can speed up the time you spend in the recording booth, and make your whole project much easier to execute.

One of the best vocal recording techniques is learning how to relax in the studio. There’s nothing to be nervous about, the studio engineer is there to help you, not judge your music. Feel free to try out new things, even if not very conventional. When recording your vocals it’s only you in the recording booth, you have complete creative control and the final say. So relax and do whatever you want, and remember, YOU’RE IN CHARGE.

A tip is to always bring water or your required liquid into the recording booth with you. Throats often get dry once you’re been recording vocals for a long period of time, and without liquid there’s not much you can do about it. This will of course affect your vocals, which may come out more croaky or stop you from being able to record altogether. So keep a bottle handy and give yourself more staying power.

Another good studio tip is to keep one eye on the clock. There’s nothing worse then running out of time when you’ve still got work to do, so always be aware of how long you’ve got, and record the most important things first. Then if you’ve got any spare time at the end, use it to achieve your secondary goals such as non album tunes or skits.

When you’re actually in the recording booth recording your vocals, it’s a good idea to regularly listen back to at least a section of what you’ve recorded. This way you can hear if everything’s coming out the way you want it to, and change anything that’s not straight away. If you record the whole song without listening back then find you don’t like the way you recorded the base vocal, you may have to record everything again and have wasted a good amount of time. And remember, time is money…