Analyzing The Success Of Your Music

Analyzing the success of your music is vitalOne key factor of following up your music project, is analyzing the level of success you and your music received. Questions you may want to consider include:


  • How wide did my music reach?
  • Was my music project a profitable one?
  • What worked well and can continue to do so for my future music projects?
  • What didn’t work well and may not be worth employing again?
  • Are there any obvious next steps from opportunities that have arrived?
  • How much stock have I got left and how am I going to use this? (Promo materials, keep in shop, re-release at a later date etc)?


Looking at and analyzing these and other points will better help you decide what the next step is for your next project. For example, if you found out your CD sales didn’t do so well but your digital download project made a lot of profit, you may decide to press up less CDs next time or not press up any CDs at all / focus strictly on a download only project. Or if you find your initial target audience didn’t buy your product but helped you in other ways (E.g. Spreading the word etc), you may decide to aim a promo piece at them next time but sell your main product to a different target audience.