Free Music Business Ebook: Music Career Killers

Free Music Business Ebooks - Music Career Killers

Free Music Business Ebooks - Music Career KillersHey guys, I’ve something very special for you today. After speaking to my friend Chris Rockett of the Music Marketing Classroom, I’ve managed to get you a 100% free copy of his ‘Music Career Killers’ ebook. You don’t have to opt into anything or give your email, you can simply download it for free here:

This book comes in the form of a PDF file, and lets you know the top 20 things musicians often do which stops them from getting where they should rightfully be. Thankfully, it also lets you know what you should be doing instead.

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How To Form A Band – The Ultimate Guide Part 3

Get Paid As A Music Band And Make Money

How to form a band part 3 was written by Ruth Graham. If you are involved in the music industry and have music business advice to share, you can contact us and send a guide our way.
Get Paid As A Music Band And Make MoneyHey guys, so we’re onto the final part of our guide on forming a professional band. A professional band is a band that can be hired to play at events. You get paid for playing out, whether it’s at weddings, one off events, or anywhere else they need some musical entertainment.

If you haven’t already seen them, please start by reading the following parts before you go any further with this guide:

How To Form A Band Part 1.

How To Form A Band Part 2.

Once you’ve gone through those guides first, let’s carry on setting up and positioning our money making band.

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How To Form A Band – The Ultimate Guide Part 2

How To Form A Band

This guide on forming a band was contributed by Ruth of Celtic Clan. If you have useful and practical information regarding the music industry, you can contribute a guide too.
How To Form A BandThis article is part two of the How To Form A Band series. If you haven’t seen the first part already, you can see it on Music Industry How To:

How To Form A Band – The Ultimate Guide Part 1

This is a three part series looking how to set up and run a professional or semi professional band. If your aim is to form a band which can make money from gigging (Or you already have a band but want them to do more with themselves), make sure you read these guides in full.

Start off by reading the above mentioned guide, and once you’ve done, get started on this one.

Now that you’ve caught up with part one, let’s continue on from where we left off.

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15 Tips To Producing Music Like A Professional

Ok, so we thought we’d do something different for you today. As our regular readers will know, we usually have heavily text based posts giving advice. Today though, we’ve got an infographic for you giving 15 tips to better music production.

So if you want to become a better producer, please check the below image. If you like it, please share it via Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, or any other social networking site you are part of.

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YouTube Video Optimization For Musicians: How to Better Expose Your Musical Talents to the World!

YouTube Video Optimization For Musicians

YouTube Video Optimization For MusiciansImagine releasing your song to an audience of several-hundred million, and minutes after you post it’s gone viral. New fans from across the globe are sharing your song, introducing your creation to more and more people. You could become a star without leaving the comfort of your home studio. Understanding product promotion in the digital age is a great way to increase your exposure to the world.

That’s the potential power of YouTube. According to YouTube, more than 800 million users visit the video-sharing site each month, and more than four billion videos are viewed daily. Even more amazing? Seven hundred YouTube videos are shared on Twitter each minute, a percentage of those being videos by musicians.

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How to Rock the Audience When They Least Expect It

Heavy Metal Band

This is a contributed guide by Nils at Bandologie. “It’s the story of a successful promotional concert me and my band did. The scene? 9:15am in a school break hall in front of shocked pupils.” If you have anything helpful to contribute to one of our sites, contact us here.
Heavy Metal BandHere you can read about one of the most powerful independent music promotion events that I participated in.

At the age of 24, I became a product manager at the major record label BMG. Before that though, I used to play the drums in a heavy metal band for several years.

Like many musicians, we often tried to get local venues to allow us to gig. This though, wasn’t always easy. Most musicians almost beg club owners and bookers to play another gig, but there is a better way: While begging can work from time to time, the only solution to carry on getting gigs in the long run is to get a bigger audience to your concerts. Not easy I know, but true. As they say, “Don’t shoot the messenger”.

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How To Tour With A Band – Tips For Your First One

How To Tour With A Band

This is a guest post from Jeff Fields of Allcases. If you have the knowledge to contribute to this site, find out how to write for us.
How To Tour With A BandThree bass players and two vocalists later, you’ve finally put together something that resembles a tour-worthy band. Congratulations. Now all that remains is to tour the world, score a radio hit, and
live the rock star life, right? Not exactly.

If becoming a rock star was easy, everyone would do it. A huge radio hit is not out of the question, but for most bands, a lot of tours in vans are part of the long road to success.

I’m not here to tell you how to make great music. Chances are, you’ve got that down (And if you don’t, this blog post won’t help). What I can do is offer some useful tips to keep you playing together long enough to give yourself a shot.

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The Importance Of Investing In Your Music Education

Invest In Your Music Career

This is a post contributed by Coco O’Connor. If you think you’ll be able to provide a useful guide for a bunch of talented independent musicians, submit one here.
Invest In Your Music CareerAs an artist who has self produced three CDs , had film / TV placements, and still performs on occasion, I’d like to share my thoughts on marketing music with Topspin and Nimbit, as well as the benefit of investing in some education as opposed to a new piece of gear.

From my personal experience, I found that Topspin has given me better results than Nimbit. I do not have a big email list or a boatload of fans on Facebook, nor do I have a big email list. And until I used the Topspin platform, I never sold a single ticket to any shows.

But just a few weeks ago, I did a pre-sale and sold 6 tickets. That was HUGE for me!

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How To Build A Drum Room For Beginners

Drum Set In Drum Room

This is a guest post from Mike Sorensen of Acoustic Fields. If you have a music related guide that you feel will be useful to our readers, please submit them here.
How To Build A Drum Room For BeginnersIf it gets to the stage where you’re making money from your music career, you may want to consider creating a rehearsal space to practice and record your music. There are two main things I’ve seen that can hinder bands:

  • Money issues. As in not having enough of it.
  • Finding a place to practice where everyone around doesn’t complain about the noise.

Rehearsal and recording studios can prove expensive to hire in the long run, and can be a real drain on band finances. As a result, a lot of bands look to set up their own space in a garage, an empty warehouse, or at the local railway arches.

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Do You Need A Manager For Your Music Career?

This is a guest post by Christine Infanger from Thirty Roses. Want to write for this site? Find out more here.
Why You Need A Music ManagerNo matter your taste, everyone likes music. Perhaps some are more passionate about it than others, but everyone has a favorite song; a song which they relate to more than any other.

Music is a powerful, almost mythical force. And, while you often read and hear about the amazing talent of the men and women responsible for the sounds that mean so much to us all, we seldom hear about the people who make it possible for us to hear them; their managers.

It may sound like more than a slight exaggeration to say that without managers, we would never hear music. But if you know anything at all about how the music industry works, you know this isn’t much of a misstatement.

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