7 Guitar Playing Techniques They Won’t Teach You During Beginner Lessons

7 Guitar Playing Techniques They Wont Teach You During Beginner LessonsA guitar instructor’s job is to support you in your progress as a guitarist; not to hold your hand through every single step!

Think about it. The average lesson time is 30 minutes per week, which means that you have 167 and a half hours until you see your teacher again. A good student knows that what they do with that time can make a tremendous difference to their progress as a player.

A teacher might have a good reason for not showing you a technique in beginner lessons; usually because they’ve determined you just aren’t ready for it yet. They may be right, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try!

Here are seven guitar playing techniques they won’t teach you in beginner lessons.

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5 Marketing Tips For Beginner Guitarists

The best marketing strategies for guitar players

In today’s modern age of digital music recording and affordable options available for musicians globally, there is a lot of competition out there for upstart guitarists looking for recognition on the internet.

If you’re a guitarist who’s part of a band or group, you can compose, record, mix, and master an entire album up to professional standards from the comfort of your very home! And you can do it on a pretty affordable budget as well.

You can make your own album covers with digital art, make music videos, and even manage a global record label right from your home office.

But these luxuries are afforded to every upstart guitarist pursuing a career as a musician. There’s countless guitarists flaunting their shred skills all over the internet, so how do you compete with them? How can you attain a bit of internet fame, and attain a bit of the recognition your talent rightfully deserves?

Well first of all you need to be really good at playing guitar. If you need practice, maybe get guitar lessons before you start marketing your music.

Now if you’ve already taken guitar lessons and are a top player, read on for some marketing tips for guitarists!

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