The Musicians Union – Support And Advice For Artists

This is a guest post by Sam Chapman. If you have useful advice and want to share it in front of thousands of independent musicians, click here.

Musicians UnionIf you are a musician trying to making a living in the competitive music industry, you may have come across the Musicians Union (MU). The Musicians’ Union is an organisation that protects the interests of musicians in the UK, providing legal advice, education and training, insurance, and much more. Even if you aren’t from the UK however, you may still want to read this article. It can give you an idea of the type of services that are out there for musicians, and allow you to know what to look for in your own country.

So, what are the benefits of joining such a union? Well, this is exactly what we look at below. I hope this article will give you a better idea of what help you can get as an independent musician, and show you that professional help isn’t as unobtainable as you may have first thought.
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How To Be A Wedding Singer

How To Be A Wedding SingerToday we have a guest post by Sam from Music Live UK on how to be a wedding singer. If you have ever been interested in making some money as a singer at people’s weddings, then you need to read this article!

If you are a talented singer with good on-stage presence, then you could consider a career as a wedding singer. Weddings are big business all over the world. By providing quality entertainment at some of these weddings, you can easily build a career for yourself. Yes, wedding singing is a competitive market. But with a combination of talent and good marketing skills, you can earn yourself a very good living.
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