Why You Should Never Give Out Your Music For Free

You should not give your music out for free

You should not give your music out for freeGiving out you music for free is a waste of time.

Yes I know, this goes against everything you’ve been taught so far. We all know how hard it is to sell your music to new fans, so the obvious step seems to be giving out loads of freebies until people are ready to buy your music right? Ummm, wrong!

The thing is, giving your music out for free can actually be doing more harm then good. By doing this, musicians are reinforcing the view that music should be free for listeners. In actual fact, musicians have as much right to make money by benefiting other people’s lives as anyone else does. Would someone makes board games just to give them out for free? Would a cleaner clean a hotel if they weren’t getting paid? Would a bus driver allow free passengers just because they enjoy driving? No, no, and NO!

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8 Reasons Email Marketing Will Boost Your Music Career

Email Marketing For Musicians

Email Marketing For MusiciansWelcome to email marketing for musicians. Building a mailing list is one of the most important things you can do to boost your music career. By getting people on your mailing list, you can quickly and easily communicate with your fans, and keep them informed about your going ons. Fans are what push you forward in terms of how well known you are and how much money your music career brings in. Because of this, communicating with them as effectively as possible should be a top priority of yours.

In this article we look at the importance of collecting email addresses for your mailing list, and how you can use this process to benefit your music career. We also point you to a good guide at the end, which instructs you on how to set up a mailing list, and how to make sure your list is profitable.

So what are the benefits on setting up a music mailing list? Read on to find out.

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Music Marketing – How To Promote Your Music Successfully

Market your music on Twitter

Music MarketingToday we’re going to look at an extremely important aspect of your music career: Music Marketing. We’ll looking at some of the best ways to promote your music, as well as some of the platforms that work best in getting your music out there.

This article isn’t a bunch of rehashed information full of strategies that don’t work anymore, everything listed below still works for the modern day independent musician. It’s because of this that I ask you to share this article around if you feel it has been helpful for you. You can either do this by sharing it via the social media buttons at the top of this article, or by linking to it from your website.

But before we go into the best ways to market your music, let’s have a look at why you need to do this.

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Release And Sell Your Music, Just Don’t Forget To Promote It

Make Sure Your Music Release Doesn't Lack Promotion

Make Sure Your Music Release Doesn't Lack PromotionWhen it comes to releasing music, there’s something I’ve noticed: While musicians generally put a lot of effort into putting out a CD or digital release, many put nowhere near as much effort into promoting this release. This is a shame, as promoting your music is one of the most important parts of releasing your music. Whether you’re releasing your music online or as a CD, if you don’t promote it, people won’t know it exists.

So what does promoting your music count as, sending out a few tweets? Sharing a link to your download on Facebook? Well, no. If you want a good amount of people to know about your release, you need to do a lot more promotion then that…

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The Benefits Of An Electronic Press Kit In Music

Electronic Press Kit aka EPK

This is a guest post by Danielle of Artroom Melody. Guest bloggers are wanted for Independent Music Advice, so if you think you’ve got what it take then click the above link.
Electronic Press Kit aka EPKToday we’re going to look at what an electronic press kit is (Also known as a EPK) and what you as a musician would include in one. We also look at how having an EPK would benefit you. If you haven’t made an electronic press kit yet, now is the time to do so.

What Is An Electronic Press Kit?

First of all, what is an EPK? Well, a EPK is a press kit in digital format. If any journalists want any information about you or your band, they would search your website to see if you have a pack for the media. This will be your pack.

Some of the contents of musician’s electronic press kits can typically be found on their social networking pages, such as their Facebook, Reverb Nation, and MySpace pages. The difference between these sites and an electronic press kit however, is that the press kit takes the fragmented bits of information scattered across various profiles, and merges them into one concise entity. The end result is a single destination for every bit of information a professional in the music industry could ever need to know about you or your band.

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How To Promote Your Music With Twitter, The Ultimate Guide Part 2

How to promote your music with Twitter, a guide to promoting your music using Twitter

How to promote your music with Twitter, a guide to promoting your music using Twitter
Welcome to part two of our two part series on how to promote your music with Twitter. If you haven’t already, we recommend you read the first part so you’re all clued up on the early stages of the process (How to set up an attractive Twitter page, how to find and get targeted music fans to follow you, and how to automate your Twitter promotion using Tweet Adder):

How To Promote Your Music With Twitter, The Ultimate Guide Part 1 (Opens in a new window)

In part two we look at the process of unfollowing non responsive people and why this is important, the art of messaging your Twitter followers without having you messages overlooked (Most Twitter messages are spam, don’t make yours appear as the same), and finally we look at a proven strategy to making money from Twitter and your music. So grab a coffee and get ready to learn, as you’re about to discover the secret to dominating Twitter!

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How To Promote Your Music With Twitter, The Ultimate Guide Part 1

How To Promote Your Music With Twitter Part 1

How To Promote Your Music With Twitter Part 1Today I’m going to show you how to promote your music with Twitter. From my tests, Twitter seems to be the quickest and easiest social media platform to get fans to your music. While many independent musicians have struggled to use Facebook effectively, Twitter can be the easy but just as effective alternative that you’ve been waiting for.

Over this two part series on promoting your music with Twitter, we will be looking at where to find targeted Twitter followers, how to get these followers to do what you want (E.g. Check out your music / join your mailing list etc) and most importantly how to automate this whole process using Tweet Adder. We will also be looking at a whole load of other details in between, so make sure you read this article in full to become a Twitter expert!

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How To Earn More From You Music Career Using Mailing Lists

How To Earn More From You Music Career Using Mailing Lists

How To Earn More From You Music Career Using Mailing ListsMany of the world’s biggest musicians such as Britney Spears and Jay Z have mailing lists (Check the top right hand of their site to see their sign up forms). Why is this? Simple, because having a mailing list can make a lot of money!

A couple of months ago in the post How To Get Your First Profitable Mailing List Up And Running, we showed you why it is so important to have a mailing list. What we didn’t give you however, were advanced strategies to make sure you could maximise the revenue you make from your mailing list. For those that don’t want to read the above mentioned post in its full detail, below I’ll break down some of the key points as to why owning a mailing list is so important. If you have a mailing list already and want to learn how to squeeze as much money and subscribers out of it as possible however, check out Advanced Strategies To Monetize Your Mailing List now! But for those of you that are new to mailing lists, here’s why you need to start yours up asap:

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How To Get Facebook Fans (3000 In 30 Days)

How to get facebook fans

How to get facebook fansIn this article, I will show you why Facebook fans are so important to your business and how to get Facebook fans fast. I will also look at why so many musicians struggle to get many Facebook fans, and how you can get up to 3000 new Facebook fans in 30 days (Please note, that book is no longer available. If you want to learn how to become a master of Facebook, then check out the relevant lesson in the Academy). But first, here’s a bit of background.

With the death of MySpace, Facebook has become one of the best outlets for the independent musician. While previously you couldn’t sell your music on Facebook, new applications have meant that you can not only do this, but you can also stream your music and personalise your page too.

Despite this, many musicians still aren’t sure how to gain new fans via Facebook. It’s not surprising to be honest, MySpace had taught us to be lazy. They showed us that all we had to do to get ‘fans’ was upload our music, add a load of random people as ‘Friends’, then send them pre-automated messages about listening to our music. Although it seemed it’d be effective at the time, looking back I’m not sure how so many people got scammed into thinking this was a good method of promotion (Myself included).

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