How Selling Music Online Can Fuel Physical Demand

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How Selling Music Online Can Fuel Physical DemandDigital distribution has opened up countless new opportunities for musicians of all types. It has allowed artists to be (metaphorically) shelved alongside major label releases and those of their heroes on an equal footing. That’s not to say that physical releases should be ignored though, and actually, a well thought out approach to selling music online can actually aid in getting you physical sales. In this article I look at why you should sell your music online before releasing a physical single or album.
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How to Create CDs to Sell to Your Fans, A Quick Overview

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How to create CDs to sell to fansYou’re an up-and-coming band playing in your local area. You’ve been working hard, and you now have a growing base of fans coming out to your shows. Then the inevitable question comes: “When are you going to make a CD?”

It’s a very good sign when fans start wanting to take your music home with them, but it can also be scary to take the next step and actually produce a CD. It will take some work, but it doesn’t have to be intimidating, or excessively expensive. If you have a good repertoire of songs from which to choose already, part of the job is already done for you. To help you through the process, here are the basic steps you’ll need to take…
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How To Make A Mixtape, The Ultimate Guide Part 3

How To Make A Mixtape, The Ultimate Guide Part 3Welcome to the third and final part of the ‘How To Make A Mixtape‘ series. This series was started because we kept receiving mixtape related questions, from how to make a mixtape, to more complex and specific ones on pricing and releaseing your mixtape. After replying to a few of those questions individually, we decided to create a series of posts where people could get all the answers they need instantly. These posts becase the “How To Make A Mixtape” series, one of which you’re reading now. So far in this series we’ve answered beginner questions like “What is a mixtape”, to more popular questions such as “Can you use other people’s beats on your mixtape” and “How do you make your mixtape stand out from the crowd”. In this final part, we’ll be look at some questions you’ll need to ask yourself when pricing your mixtape, releasing your mixtape, and promoting your mixtape.
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How To Make A Mixtape, The Ultimate Guide Part 2

How To Make A Mixtape, The Ultimate Guide Part 2Welcome to part two of the ‘How To Make A Mixtape, The Ultimate Guide’ series. This is a three part series detailing good practices and tips on how to make a mixtape and sell it. For those that haven’t read already (Or even if you have but just want to get reacquainted with the basics), you should read:

before you read this. Also once you’ve finished reading this check out:

If you’ve already read that, let’s move on. In part two we’ll be looking at how ethical it is to use other people’s beats for your mixtape, where to get backing tracks for your mixtape, and finally how to make your mixtape stand out from the crowd. So without any further ado, let’s get into it.
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How To Make A Mixtape, The Ultimate Guide Part 1

How To Make A Mixtape, The Ultimate Guide Part 1Here at Independent Music Advice, we like to listen to what you as the reader wants. We’ve had many people arriving at our site looking for advice on making mixtapes, but not really finding what they were looking for. Having a quick google search myself, I found there are no real resources showing musicians what to think about when making mixtapes. So we decided to write one!

Over the next three posts we will be looking at some of the most searched for mixtape questions we’ve had! If there’s anything else you want to add or ask, please do so in the comments section.
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