NME Breakthrough, Another Potential MySpace Successor?

nme breakthroughSince the death of MySpace (It is official, right?) everyone’s been looking for a MySpace replacement. Not only that, but everyone who knows a bit about web design and is into music is trying to create the next big thing. I regularly get emails from people trying to get us to cover their new music website, but most don’t offer enough to make it worth mentioning. A couple of days ago however, I was contacted by a representative from NME, a popular music magazine in the UK. They told me NME had started up a new “online space for budding musicians to showcase their talent” and that I should check it out. While it sounded like any other email I’d get sent about these sites, I decided to check it out due to it having such a large name behind it. Check out the short video below to see what it’s all about and I’ll see you on the other side:

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The Best Ways To Promote Your Music On A Budget

How to promote your music on a budget

How to promote your music on a budgetToday we thought we’d look at some of the best methods of promotion available on a budget. We know many independent musicians don’t have a huge budget, so any type of promotion would ideally need to be cheap or free. They’d also need to be easy to implement and easily integrated with other types of promotion. With that in mind, we’ve come up with some of the best ways to promote your music on a budget. But the best part? All of these types of promotion have been proven to work!

While the following list has many useful ideas, you don’t have to use all of them when it comes to your promotional campaign. You may instead want to focus your efforts on doing a few of them well if you have a limited amount of time or resources. So read on and see what types of promotion are best for you…

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How To Stream, Promote And Sell Your Music On Facebook (A BandPage Guide)

How to create a Facebook fan page

How to get your music on Facebook with BandPage and RootMusicThis article shows you how to set up a BandPage section for your Facebook fan page, as well as how to set up a Facebook fan page if you haven’t got one already. You may want to check out an accompanying guide on How To Attract 3,000 Fans In 30 Days, a ebook written by Nick O’Neill, a man with over 71,000 Facebook fans (So he knows what he’s talking about lol). Update: This guide is no longer available. You can instead learn more about Facebook marketing as well as many other music marketing techniquies in the Academy. All that information is below, so please see the relevant headers if you want to skip any bits. But first, here’s a little background:

As many of you will know, MySpace has been steadily declining for some time now. While it used to be an effective tool to promote your music, these days it’s full of musicians promoting their music to each other. The irony of this is that the majority of musicians are only there to promote their music to you, and aren’t really interested in hearing what you have to offer.

So while MySpace continues to die out, where should music communities go to? Facebook has been one of the many places musicians have experimented with to building up their fan base, but it has never been a complete music solution… Until now!

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