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Welcome to Independent Music Advice, the free online resource that all independent musicians need! Regardless of your budget or music style, Independent Music Advice can guide you in the right direction to making your music a success. Lack of links holding you back? Not sure how to get your music into shops? Not sure what type of project is best for you? We’ve discussed these and many other topics, allowing you to get a different view on possible ways forward.

How To Use This Website

There are three main sections to the Independent Music Advice website;
1. Advice,
2. Blog,
3. Music Business Resources,

1. Advice
In this advice section you’ll find an overview of some issues you’ll need to think about during your music career. I suggest you read it all so you have an idea of what components you’ll need to master during your journey.

2. Blog
Our blog is where we’ll regularly be updating you with music advice and tips. We’ll be going a bit more in depth then in the advice section, looking at how to do specific things or specific issues within the music industry.

3. Music Business Resources
Here you’ll be able to find a selection of tools which will help progress you music career a lot faster. We’ll soon also be writing guides on how to best use these tools, so keep checking back for that.

There are lots of other sections in this website, such as the free gifts page, about Independent Music Advice page, and the contact Independent Music Advice page. These are pretty self explanatory, so I’ll let you explore them at your own leisure.

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Latest News

22.07.2010: New Post: How To Get Your First Profitable Mailing List Up And Running

Mailing lists are one of the most powerful promotional tools available to independent musicians, yet hardly any of them have one. Today we’re going to look at why they’re so effective, and how you can set your first one up easily and cheaply (If fact for free). Check out our post How To Get Your First Profitable Mailing List Up And Running for more information.

17.07.2010: New Post: Dealing With Gig Nerves And Performance Nerves, The Ultimate Guide

A lot of people see public talking as a fate worse then death. However, it’s essential as a musician that you learn to over come your fear of speaking and performing in front of others. Check out our post Dealing With Gig Nerves And Performance Nerves, The Ultimate Guide for more information and advice.

11.07.2010: New Post: The Best Ways To Promote Your Music On A Budget

We know it can be hard for independent musicians to get their music heard when their marketing budget is minimal to non existent. However, marketing and promotion is critical to your success. Therefore, our new posts looks at some ways you can effectively promote your music on a budget. Check out our post The Best Ways To Promote Your Music On A Budget for more information.

10.07.2010: Update: New Music Business Resource

Today we’ve included Aweber in the Music Business Resources section of the website. For those that don’t know, Aweber is a email marketing tool that allows you to build a mailing list you can make money from. Like the sound of that? Then check it out and sign up for the $1 trial.

05.07.2010: New Post: Can You Make A Full Time Living As An Independent Musician?

We’ve worked out you’d need to sell 11 digital downloads per day and do a few shows per year to make a full time living of £20,000 after expenses. Sound easy? Check out the post Can You Make A Full Time Living As An Independent Musician? for more information and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

01.07.2010: New Post: How To Make A Mixtape, The Ultimate Guide Part 3

In the last post of the ‘How To Make A Mixtape’ series, we look at how to price your mixtape, release your mixtape, and promote your mixtape. Check out How To Make A Mixtape, The Ultimate Guide Part 3 here.

26.06.2010: Update: New Music Business Resources!

Today we’ve added a new product to our Music Business Resources page, the Tweet Adder. This is a powerful piece of software, and anyone that wants to add 1000s of relevant twitter followers fast without getting band should check this out!

26.06.2010: New Post: Knowledgeable About The Music Industry? Then Write For Us!

As you may know, IMA are giving you the opportunity to write for this website. If you’re not sure how this can benefit you then check this post.

22.06.2010: Update: New Music Business Resources

Today we’ve added a new resource to Music Business Resources page; RootMusic’s BandPage. This is a tool that allows you to stream your music on your existing Facebook fan page, as well as showing your tour dates and giving links for fans to buy your music. Check it out under the ‘Social Networking Tools’ section, it’s free!

21.06.2010: New Post: What Is A Sale Or Return Deal (SOR) And How To Get One

Today we’ve put up a new post all about sale or return deals. Sale or return deals are absolutely essential to musicians, and could mean hundreds if not thousands of extra pounds if used correctly. So check out our sale or return post.

17.06.2010: New Feature: Independent Music Advice Now On Facebook

Independent Music Advice now has its very own Facebook group. Please join it to be kept informed about the latest independent musician news, as well as to receive exclusive ‘Facebook only’ tips and tricks. Click the following link for the Independent Music Advice Facebook Group.

17.06.2010: New Feature: New Section Added

We’ve now included a latest news box to Independent Music Advice. It’s our hope that this will allow you be better see any changes made to our website, and check out all the latest news as it comes.