Win “How To Make Money From Free Music”, Three Copies To Give Away…

how to make money from free music free copy win

how to make money from free music free copy winOk, so as you probably know by now, we recently launched our first ebook “How To Make Money From Free Music”. I genuinely feel this is some of the most valuable information we’ve ever produced, and could change the way people approach the distribution and monetization of their music forever (But that’s not for me to decide, let me know your thoughts when you get the book. 😉 ).

While there’s no prizes for guessing what the book is about (The clue is in the title), there is a prize for three lucky readers of Independent Music Advice! Three of you will get a copy of “How To Make Money From Free Music” sent directly to their inbox. The retail price for this book is currently $29.99 (Price guaranteed for the first week only, after that it may go up) but you can get your hands on it by taking a few simple steps:

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How To Prevent MP3 Downloads – Or Better Yet Make Money From Them

Prevent MP3 Download

Prevent MP3 DownloadIf you’ve been in the music industry for any amount of time, you’ll know that music downloading is a big issue. For years people have tried to prevent MP3 downloads from happening, mostly without success. Is there no answer to this issue? Well actually, now there is! In this article we’ll show you a way to use people’s downloading habits to actually benefit and make you money, and I don’t mean by giving out free music and hoping some kind soul will buy your paid version. No, I’m talking about how you can get money going straight into your account each time someone downloads one of your songs for free!! Sound good? Then read on…

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