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Struggling to make any sort of money from your music? Can’t get people to listen to your songs, even when you give them out for free? Want a fast track method to navigate this brutal music industry?

No matter what genre of music you make, we’ve all been there before.

The truth is, many of us get into this industry for the love of music. We make it because we enjoy it, and we want other people to enjoy our songs as well.

For many however, it eventually comes to the point when you want to start making money from your music. You still love it as much as ever, but why not aim higher and get paid for your art?

The only problem with this, is many musicians don’t know how to go about doing this. Yes we’ve been told we need to get our music into shops, but how do you actually go about doing that? And once it’s in there, how do we get people to buy it? These and many other questions plague musicians worldwide, and stop them from getting their music out there as much as it should be.

In order to be successful in the music industry, there are certain things you need to do. Most of these things aren’t particularly difficult, but without knowing that they need to be done or how to do them correctly, most of the time they are simply overlooked. This is costing many people a lot of time and money, neither of which you’d want to be giving away I’m sure.

The Problem

The music industry has changed. You can no longer simply have a musical talent, send a demo into a record label, and expect them to propel you to fame and fortune. Record labels now want proof that you can sell units and draw in crowds, and they expect you to do those things by yourself.

If you’ve been doing music for any amount of time, you’ll already know that this is easier said then done. With the internet connecting people to each other and your music (For free may I add), it’s getting harder and harder for people to make sales of their songs. In fact, with so much competition online, many even find it hard to get people to listen to their free music samples!

As for drawing in crowds, it’s not as easy as telling your friends on Facebook about a gig you’re doing and them turning up. Yes they may click ‘attending’ as it’s quick and easy to do, but the majority of those people probably won’t turn up.

What a uphill struggle right?

While talented, many musicians aren’t sure how to go about selling units or drawing in crowds. You can’t simply put a ‘buy now’ button on your website and expect to become rich over night, there’s a lot more conditions that need to be met before people are ready to connect with you and part with their money.

Added to the fact that there are a lot of ‘gurus’ giving out bad information in terms of progressing your music career (“Add people on Facebook / Twitter all day and you will gain fans!”, “Give away tons of music for free and you will create a name for yourself” etc) it really isn’t easy to know how you can go about getting yourself on the right track.

The Solution

This is where The IMA Music Business Academy comes in. Unlike many of the people offering advice to musicians, we actually understand what it takes to succeed as an independent musician. We’ve been through it all, and have used that knowledge to both sell units and help others do the same.

Learning the music business is often a trial and error process, and can take years to achieve without the right guidance. Fortunately for you however, we are willing to be that guidance. Why go through years of blindly learning when you can have all the information you need at your finger tips?

We’ve mapped out everything you need to know in the IMA Music Business Academy. Literally years of experience has gone into this course, allowing your to fast track your music career and get things right the first time around!

What Exactly You Get In This Course

So, what exactly do you get when you sign up to this online music business course? I’m glad you asked:

  1. 24 Detailed Lessons.

    You’ll get 24 high quality lessons packed with workable advice delivered straight into your members area. These lessons will help you understand a new & important skill you’ll need to progress your music career. There is no fluff involved, and at the end you’ll be given a task so that you can use this skill in a practical manor.

  2. Support.

    While our lesson are very details and you’ll often be able to follow them without any help, occasionally you may need additional support. In the Academy there is space after each lesson to answer any additional questions you may have.

By The End Of This Online Music Business Course You Will Have:

  • A clear path and knowledge of where you’re taking your music.
  • A highly responsive list of fans that you can easily promote your music to.
  • Your own highly converting website (I’m talking a .com website, not MySpace page).
  • A knowledge of social triggers that makes people want to buy your music.
  • Your own backlog of singles.
  • A full length album or mixtape.
  • Your songs on iTunes, Amazon MP3 and more.
  • Live shows to perform and make money from.
  • Better live show performing skills.
  • A knowledge of how to network effectively.
  • A good relationship with people that can get your music to a wider audience.
  • Companies collecting music royalties for you.
  • Your own music videos and video interviews.
  • Radio plays.
  • An army of people who you can leverage to do your promotion for you.
  • And much, MUCH more.

Online Music Business Course Lessons

Here is what you’ll learn in The IMA Music Business Academy. Please note that each of these lessons is both in-depth and straight to the point. We show you exactly what will work best for your music career, and how to go about putting these lessons into action.

Lesson 1:

Getting Your Mentality Right, Being Professional, And Keeping Records

Lesson 2:

What Product To Make

Lesson 3:

Selling Your Music And Giving It Out

Lesson 4 :

Setting Up Your Website

Lesson 5 :

Setting Up Your Mailing List

Lesson 6 :

Getting Beats, Finding Your Style And Recording Your Product

Lesson 7 :

Artwork And Pressing Up Your Product

Lesson 8 :

Using Video

Lesson 9 :

Building Contacts

Lesson 10 :

Creating Your Online Presence And Your Sales Funnel

Lesson 11 :

Search Engine Optimisation For Musicians (Getting Free Traffic From Search Engines)

Lesson 12 :

Promoting Your Music With Twitter

Lesson 13 :

Promoting Your Music With Facebook

Lesson 14 :

Promoting Your Music With Youtube

Lesson 15:

Using Offline Promotion

Lesson 16:

Getting Radio Play And Your Videos On TV

Lesson 17:

How To Get Media Coverage

Lesson 18:

Selling Your Music Offline

Lesson 19:

Getting Gigs And Making Money From Them

Lesson 20:

Making Your Performances Memorable

Lesson 21:

Getting Additional Help

Lesson 22:

Building A Money Making Private Community

Lesson 23:

A Free Copy Of The How To Make Money From Free Music Ebook (So you can add those tactics to the current ones taught in this course)

Lesson 24:

Final Advice

Who This Music Business Course Is For

  • Anyone who wants to further their music career without the help of a record label.
  • Anyone who wants to eventually sign a record deal.

    Even if your main aim is to sign a record deal, this course can help you. Record labels are no longer really signing ‘unproven’ musicians, they want to know you can sell units and draw in fans. This course will show you how to do both of these things and more.

  • Anyone wanting to learn the music business.

    Want to know what makes people buy music? Or maybe even how to use the 80/20 rule to make the most of your time? Then this course is for you.

  • Anyone who wants to save time and money.

    We give you years of experience, meaning you can learn the best ways to do things right the first time around. If you want to skip the trial error stage and want to do things effectively straight away, this course is for you!

  • Anyone who wants mapped out steps of what to do.

    In the IMA Music Business Academy, we map out a strategy you can follow to get your music out there. Following this strategy is optional and you will pick up good business practices either way, but can be very useful if done right.

Who This Online Course Is Not For

While The IMA Music Business Academy is a very complete course that can help a lot of people wanting to progress their music career, it’s not for everyone. If you fit into any of the below categories, then it may not be for you:

  • Musicians who are looking to improve their vocal ability or instrument playing skills.

    This is a course designed to teach the business side of the music industry, not how to become a better musician.

  • Musicians with a lack of talent.

    While there is a lot of useful knowledge inside this program, it’s not a magic formula. We will help you get in front of more people and put yourself in the best position to progress your music career, but if you don’t make music that people like, it will all be for nothing. Make sure you have a good level of talent before taking this course, or at least be aware that it won’t have as much effect until you produce better music.

  • People who don’t like reading.

    Much of the material in this course is written, and goes into a good amount of detail. An audio version of this course may be possible in future, but for now it’s all text and pictures.

The IMA Music Business Academy Price

Pricing details can be found in the below chart:

IMA Music Business Academy Course Price

Standard Enrollment: $4.99 for a 7 day trial, $24.99 per month for 6 months after that. 1 new lesson per week (4 per month). 1 lesson is delivered during the trial:

Fast Track Enrollment: $9.99 for a 7 day trial, $49.99 per month for 3 months after that. 2 new lessons per week (8 per month). 2 lessons are delivered during the trial:

Fastest Enrollment: $9.99 for a 3 day trial, $54.99 on day four, and $54.99 on day five (Save 25% over the monthly enrollment options). 1 new lessons per day for 24 days. 3 lessons are delivered during the trial:

Please Note: If you’re not sure whether or not this course is for you, take the trail period. This is only $4.99 or $9.99 depending on which option you choose, and will give you a taster of what joining the academy is really like. If you decide you don’t want to stay enrolled, simply cancel the course before the tial period is over, and we won’t bill you again. If however you want to stay enrolled, stay after the trial period and you will automatically be signed up as a full member.

Extra Details About The IMA Music Business Academy

This course is delivered online through this website. When you enroll you will be sent a username and password via email (Email usually arrives instantly, but please allow a few minutes if you don’t see it straight away) to log into this site. There you will be able to access your lessons. If you need to contact us about this membership, you can do so at sales @

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