Top Music Production Tips

Music Production Tips And TricksToday we thought we’d give you a few music production tips that can really help take your music production skills and technique to the next level. As a producer it can be too easy to fall into a rut, and not really reach the next level in terms on the types of beats you make. This is exactly what you want to avoid, as without always analysing what you’re doing and trying new things, you will never progress as a producer.

In this article, we look at a few things beginner and intermediate producers can do to get thinking about how they make beats. If you follow these tips, you will not only end up being more open in your production style, but also more structured and able to tell what makes a good instrumental. Enjoy.

Note: Image by FdA Music@Weston College on Flickr

Music Production Tips: Copy Established Producers

One of the best things I could advise to beginner producers, is to copy other people’s beats. This is not so you get their style. Nor is this so you can edit other people’s beats slightly and call them your own. The reason I suggest this, is so you can see what goes into making a truly successful beat. This is one of the best music production tips I can give, and one that works across many different creative crafts.

If you can look into someone else’s beat, see what sounds are involved, and recreate it near enough to perfect, you will have a much better knowledge of how individual instruments work together to create a full song. You will see how instruments blend together to made beats and melodies, and how many different sounds are really involved.

A quick note though, I’d advise that you never actually use these beats you recreate for more then learning purposes. On top of that, I’d suggest that you copy a lot of different styles of beats from different producers. This way you’ll make it less likely that you consciously or unconsciously pick up on someone’s style, and produce beats that goes against existing copyrights. You’ll also see how different styles of beats are made, and be able to create a lot more styles of instrumentals yourself.

Music Production Tip: Analyses Your Own Instrumentals

If you want to see where you’re going as a producer, you need to continually take an analytical look at your own music production style:

  • Is there a sound that you always use in your songs? And if so, is that a good thing that you use that sound so much?
  • Are all your productions at a similar speed? And can you make songs that are any faster or slower?
  • Do you only make dark sounding beats? And can you produce instrumentals that have a happier feel to them?

Questions like this and others will keep you on your toes, and get you to think about pushing your boundaries. The more types of different instrumentals you can make, the better all round producer you will be…

Music Production Tips: Randomly Try New Things

If you want to produce more then one type of music, then you should consider starting some of your songs in a random manor. What I mean by this, it not putting to much thought into it. For example, let’s say you want to start a new song. Instead of going through your sound library and seeing what instrument you like the sound of, why not pick one at random (Without listing to it first) and put it down in a random order in your project. This order will be the base of your melody. Next pick another random sound, and either boost the melody by putting the instrument in the exact same order, or create a complementary melody pattern to go alongside it. From here you can make a song that matches this melody. You can continue to use random sounds and / or orders, or you can be a bit more selective as you go along. Either way, you will have made a song that you wouldn’t have made if you thought about your every move.

Not all songs you make using these music production tips will turn out to be your greatest hit ever, but there is a good chance you’ll make something that isn’t your usual style but you like. Again, this comes back to creating your own style and techniques, and seeing what is actually in a song. I have similar tips on music production that involve you making the whole song in a random(ish) manner, but I’d stick to just making part of the melody using this method for now.

Music Production Tips And Tricks Conclusion

The above tips and tricks for music production can really have you thinking outside the box. Without consciously learning and experimenting with your music production, it will be very hard to become a top producer. All the best producers have reached where they are by constantly learning their craft, and improving wherever they can. If you want to become a well respected producer, you will need to do the same.

All of these music producer tips work on any software, even cheap music production software such as the recommended DUBturbo.

You can look here if you want to know more about how to produce music. I hope you found these music production tips, tricks and techniques useful, if so please share this article with any fellow producers you may know.