Pay Musicians More For Gigging! A Open Letter To Event Organizers

Pay Musicians More For Gigging - A Open Letter To Event Organizers

Pay Musicians More For Gigging - A Open Letter To Event OrganizersBy event organizer Thom Milson.

I grew up heavily involved in my local music scene: I knew the bands, and the promoters well enough that I called them my friends. As soon as I was old enough I started organizing shows so my favorite local bands could be heard and seen more. I had a fair crack at it, but as the years went on other things took over, and I moved into other realms. I remember that time fondly, especially because I helped many bands get going, both fan base wise, as well as financially. Now, for many reasons I’m being drawn back into the world of promotion, and I’m noticing quite a few differences in the way the local promoters now operate: they don’t pay the bands.

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Do You Need A Manager For Your Music Career?

This is a guest post by Christine Infanger from Thirty Roses. Want to write for this site? Find out more here.
Why You Need A Music ManagerNo matter your taste, everyone likes music. Perhaps some are more passionate about it than others, but everyone has a favorite song; a song which they relate to more than any other.

Music is a powerful, almost mythical force. And, while you often read and hear about the amazing talent of the men and women responsible for the sounds that mean so much to us all, we seldom hear about the people who make it possible for us to hear them; their managers.

It may sound like more than a slight exaggeration to say that without managers, we would never hear music. But if you know anything at all about how the music industry works, you know this isn’t much of a misstatement.

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