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How To Become Famous And SuccessfulI recently finished reading Total Fame by Max Milias, a book teaching people how to become famous. Inspired by what it had to teach, I thought I’d look at a few of the things he talks about, and get you thinking about what it takes to get famous. Is becoming famous for you? How easy is it to get fame? And how do you achieve fame? All these questions should be answered by the time you finish reading this article, so make sure you read it to the end.

A Very Important Note About Becoming Famous

The most important bit of advice I’d give to anyone trying to become famous, is to GET IT RIGHT FIRST TIME! When people first get to know you, you want to make sure it is for the right reasons. If you’re first launched into the public spotlight in a negative manner, people are going to take a dislike to you. From there, it’s very hard to shake that image off. The media will play on image for a long time to come, and short of something amazing happening, that side of you will always be in the public spotlight.

I’d advice reading and carrying out the advice in Total Fame to make sure you become famous for the right reasons the first time around.

Can You Get Famous Overnight?

The simple answer: No. Having said that, you can learn how to become famous in a very short amount of time with today’s technological advances. If you want to truly become famous, you need to treat your quest like a business. You can’t just sing a couple of songs on Youtube and expect to become an overnight celebrity, it simply doesn’t work like that. You need to network with the right people, create your own website and online presence, get your photos done professionally, and get yourself out there as much as possible! Sound like a lot of work? I hope not, because it’s not all you need to do! Total Fame gives a full list of things you need to do to become a celebrity, so if you’re not willing to put the work in to achieve your dreams, you may as well stop reading now.

How To Become Famous: The Different Ways To Get Famous

These days, there are a number of different ways to get famous. Depending on what you want to achieve, you will go about your goals in different ways. Here are some ways you can become famous:

  • Get Famous For A Talent.
    If you have a specific talent such as singing, dancing, magic, acting or modelling, then this could be your ticket to fame. All of these industries (And other similar ones) have a need for talented people, so if you excel in your talent then you’ve a good chance of getting noticed.
  • Get Fame Through Association.
    If you’re finding it hard to get your talent noticed by yourself, all hope is not lost. You can always get famous by hanging out with famous people, and having some of that fame rub off on you. Once you’re in the spotlight, you can show people you’re a star in your own right! In order to make this work, you need to appear as fame worthy as the person you’re standing next to. That means you need to dress famous, eat and drink famous, and party like a famous person. Max Milias talks about this in his book Total Fame, so if you want to make this path to fame work for you then Total Fame is a must read!
  • Get Famous Via The Internet.
    Many celebrities are popping up based on fame they’ve achieved on the internet. Websites such as Youtube, Myspace and Twitter can create celebrities in their own right, meaning your quest for fame has become easier then ever. People can become online celebrities for a number of things, from singing a popular song on Youtube, to making people laugh on Twitter. You can also become popular by blogging on a subject that touches people in some way, so if you have a way with words this is an option.

There are many other ways to become famous, it really just depends on what is right for you. Total Fame has a full list of the paths to fame, so if you want to maximise your chances of getting famous, try and go for as many different methods as you can manage.

How To Become Famous: The Different Levels Of Fame

There are also different levels of fame you can achieve:

  • Total Fame.
    This is where you’re famous on a wide scale, and you’re pretty much a household name in a good percentage of the world. This is what most people aspire for, but only the most talented (And most lucky) people achieve. You need to know the theory behind what makes people get famous to achieve total fame, without that theory you’ll be hard pushed to make it happen.
  • Regional Fame.
    This could be fame in your country, or even in your local area. This usually comes about if you are doing something that specifically interests the people around you. From here you can try and climb to reaching total fame, although it is not always necessary. Some people are happy with this level of fame, it’s simply down to your personal preference.
  • Online Fame.
    Obtaining fame through the internet is becoming ever more popular, as is probably the easiest way to become famous! With the internet you can get in front of people anywhere across the world, and get famous for any number of different things. Website such as Youtube allow you to broadcast yourself with ease, and display your talent to your soon to be fans. Once you have achieved online fame, you will want to use that fame to get yourself known via other avenues. Fred for example got a film deal based on his popular Youtube sketches, and that was launched in cinemas worldwide. Here is a full list of Youtube celebrities to get you motivated and to see what’s achievable.

If you want to truly be famous, you need to use one level of fame as a stepping stone to the next. Keep going until you have reached your required level of fame.

To Get Famous You Need To:

Act Famous. While there is more then just this needed to become famous (A full list can be found in Total Fame), this is a very important piece of the puzzle. If you don’t act like fame is already upon you, you aren’t going to stand out from the crowd. In other words, you’ll just look and appear like everyone else. If you want to appear famous (And eventually become famous), there are a few things you need to do:

  • Make Yourself Easy To Find.
    If reporters don’t know where you’re going to be, how are you going to end up in the news and gossip coloms? You need to be relatively easily accessible, without making it obvious or seem needy. Go to celebrity hot spots and be seen talking to well known people. Make sure your website and social media account are set up and easy to find online. Tip off the press when you’re going to be doing something out of the ordinary. Basically, keep yourself on the presses’ radar. Even if they don’t cover you at first, you will be getting your name in their head and they will remember you. As you start to achieve fame, they will be able to easily find you and probably run some of the back stories you have sent their way.
  • Dress Famous.
    If you dress like everyone else in the world, what’s going to make famous photographers want to take pictures of you? You need to make yourself stand out in some way, although you may not want to over do it. Not everyone can carry off the Lady GaGa style of dressing, so you may want to differentiate yourself simply by looking extremely radiant in some designer or neat clothes. As long as you stand out from the crowd (By doing something different or doing the ‘norm’ the best it can be done), people will notice.
  • Eat And Drink Famous.
    Another way to stand out is by what you’re seen eating. How many times do you see the top celebrities getting a take out from Mc Donalds? Not very often, I’ll tell you that now. Instead, you want to go somewhere where celebrities regularly eat. This will help get you photo opportunities, as well as getting you used to a different class of eating. If this won’t help motivate you to become famous, I don’t think anything will…

How To Become Famous Conclusion

Becoming famous can be a dream come true if you do it right, but it’s very easy to get wrong. When you’re in the public spotlight, you have to act a certain way or risk losing it all. Become famous too early, and you risk not being able to keep up with all the requirements. Leave it too long, and you may lose your chance to hit fame and fortune. If you want to learn how to become famous and do it right the first time around, I suggest you read Total Fame by Max Milias (See the link in the first paragraph of this article to buy Total Fame for a reduced price).

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    That one stand out piece will give the judges a talking point though, and make you easier to remember.

    Good luck with your auditions, let us know how they go. 🙂

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